Installing Interlocking Stone in Toronto: Cost-Saving Hacks You Should Know

Are you thinking of renovating your outdoor space in Toronto this year? First, congratulations! Secondly, if you are not sure what materials are trendy at the moment, then the answer is interlocking stone. They come in amazing sizes, outlines, patterns, and colors. Their versatility makes them great for the outdoors. They are also thickly crafted to withstand heavy loads. That’s why they are popular in high-traffic areas like driveways, pavements, patios, and balconies. Additional benefits of the stones are environmental-friendliness, weather-resistance, and easy maintenance.

In spite of their numerous advantages, they can be expensive to install. This is why most homeowners on a budget in Toronto tend to avoid them. Luckily, there are ways to cut down the installation costs. Here are 5 hacks you should know:

  • Do the Calculation

You should never start a renovation project that you are not sure of the full budget. From the purchasing of the interlocking stones to the labor costs, you should have the budget in black and white. Once you have done the calculations and has the estimate, it becomes easy to identify the costs that you can avoid and those that you can economize. The other thing that you need to calculate is the space area that you plan to install the interlocking stones. If possible, reduce the coverage area to be able to reduce the budget.

  • Compare Quotes

Why settle for a quote from a single supplier when there are many others in the market? Different suppliers for interlocking stones in Toronto have different quotes. So, if you are looking to save, you have to shop around and collect multiple quotes. You need to compare them so as to determine where you can save big.

  • Look for Discounts

As you get multiple quotes from multiple suppliers, you should try to identify discounts. Mostly, the discounts are offered on bulk purchases. You need to see if it’s convenient for you. However, it’s not just the materials that you should be interested in saving on. There are also other factors like labor and shipping costs. If you are guaranteed free shipping or free expert help or both, it’s worth considering such an offer since you are likely to reduce your budget considerably.

  • Self-Installation

If there’s a practical way to save on labor costs it has to be opting for DIY. Interlocking stones are really straightforward and do not require specialized knowledge to fit them. So, if you are ready to roll your sleeves, then you’ll definitely save on installation.

  • Ask help from Within

Lastly, it may be overwhelming to fit the stones yourself on a large space. In such a case, you should try to get cheap labor from within. Start with your family. Ask them to help if they can. The other people to consider are your neighbors and friends. It’s quite unlikely that they’ll ask for a pay for helping out. The moment you slice off labor charges from your budget, you’ll have saved a lot.


Now, you don’t have to dispel the idea of installing interlocking stones in Toronto because you are keen on budget. You only need to employ the above hacks and save significantly on the installation costs.


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