Reasons Why Resin Surfaces are 1st Choice for Driveway Services This Summer

Durability, value, versatility and attractiveness makes resin a hit

In more recent times alternatives to the time honoured concrete or asphalt surfaces for driveways and hard standing areas have included block paving.

Offering something different and the chance to have varied patterns and colours this surface certainly caught on, but a less costly and simpler surface offering similar benefits to block paving is becoming popular in the form of resin driveways.

A combination of durable materials

A resin driveway is a combination of durable aggregates such as granite, quartz and shingle mixed with viscous resin that is spread onto the driveway or hard standing area and allowed to set.

It offers various advantages over other certain other driveway types:

Ease of installation

Compared to the time and trouble it can take to install a surface such as block paving, resin driveways are simpler and therefore take less time to install.

This means resin is likely to be cheaper than block paving as it takes less time to install, and disruption will also be shorter for the same reason.

That said, it’s important to use installers who know what they’re doing and have a good track record; look for an expert near you – for example if you’re in the Essex area then here’s a good choice for driveways in Chelmsford.


A resin driveway is very durable thanks to the hard aggregates it contains and the make up of the resin itself.

It will stand up to fairly vigorous use and isn’t particularly affected by extremes of temperature whether hot or cold, so no cracking due to expansion and contracting.

Thanks to the resin’s UV stability, colours won’t fade in the sun over time.

Low maintenance

Once a resin driveway is installed, there’s very little maintenance needed.

It’s resistant to weed growth so no weeding required, and it won’t require patching up as some asphalt surfaces might due to weather damage through expansion and contraction. The only maintenance might be an occasional sweep with a yard broom or similar.

Spillage resistant

Due to its smooth surface, resin is resistant to spillages so oil or similar can simply be wiped up without staining.

This contrasts with other surfaces that would absorb spillages leaving a hard or perhaps impossible to remove stain.


Despite resin being able to resist staining as described above, it allows water to pass through to the earth underneath so facilitating natural drainage through absorption.

Some hard surfaces that are impermeable (won’t allow water to pass through them) pose an issue in that water runs straight off and into the public drainage system.

Due to the increased levels of hard surfacing in the UK as more housing and other building work progresses, and the tendency for more rain to fall in shorter bursts as part of general climate change, flooding has become more widespread because drainage systems can’t cope with the influx of larger amounts of water.

Resin driveways are permeable due to the advanced physical make up of the material, and this means no planning permission is required when installing resin as it might be if an impermeable surface is used.


Along with driveways, resin surfaces are ideal for patio areas, swimming pool surrounds and general hard landscaping for domestic and public gardens along with recreational areas.

Variety of designs

Resin offers a true personalisation option.

Because a resin surface is made up of various aggregates, these can be altered in their composition to create differing colours and finishes.

For example, it is possible to have a coarser look or something smoother depending on preferences along with lighter and darker shades. Designs can be woven into the surface such as patterns and even emblems or crests.

Cost effective and versatile

Overall a resin surface – whether a driveway or perhaps a combination of driveway, hard standing area and maybe surfaces elsewhere such as in the back garden – offers a cost effective, durable, personalised and easy to maintain solution.

Remember to talk to an expert resin driveway installer to discuss the options.


Why resin driveways are such a popular choice including; durability, water permeability, design and colour options, low maintenance and good value for money.


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