How to Prepare your Yard For Winter

With the winter season imminent, it’s at last time to relax and forget about landscape work for the next four months, right? Not a chance. In fact, autumn, as well as early wintertime, is the perfect time to roll up those sleeves and prepare your lawn for the inbound ice and snow so you can ensure that it’s in great condition come the spring. Here are some tips to prepare your yard for those lengthy cold months of winter ahead.

Keep up Standard Lawn Upkeep

The task doesn’t cease when October comes. Keeping up with regular yard treatment, such as mowing and trimming, will guarantee your lawn retains its beautiful status when the ice melts in the spring. Many lawns consist of cold weather grasses for example bluegrass and fescue which keep growing until the soil is good and frozen.

Don’t forget about your bushes and shrubbery! It’s important to permit them to breathe by keeping them trimmed and clean out any kind of dead limbs and leaves.

Time to Rake

Ensure that you get rid of those leaves! Sure, most of us hate to do it however it needs to be completed. As time-intensive as it is, those leaves aren’t going anywhere on their own. Regardless if by means of rake, by leaf blower, or lawn care organization, eliminating dead leaves will save you a big headache in the spring


Another essential phase is fertilizing in the fall. When the air gets chilly, plants move the excess nutrients to their roots. Early in the year, they’ll carry those nutrients back up. Providing your plants and flowers with winterizer fertilizer allows them to take in all those nutrients exactly where they require them the most, ensuring wholesome development once the temperature goes up.


Fall is the preferred season to aerate cool weather grasses. The process will alleviate soil compaction which often prevents air, water, as well as nutrients from distributing properly. Professionally aerating in the fall or perhaps early spring will relieve the pressure so that by the time the spring rains arrive, your yard will develop to its lushest potential.

Weed Management

Get rid of those unwanted pests ahead of the frosts and before they regain their strength in the spring. Digging up unwanted weeds is another time-consuming procedure however one that you’ll be glad you did.


Fall can also be time to start cutting back those perennial plants with a good sharp pruner. This keeps out fungus and other undesired scavengers. Just be sure you wait until they’re finished with their growth cycle so that they acquire as much energy and nutrients as they demand for winter.

Most people don’t consider the autumn to be an important time for lawn care but it certainly is. Taking these actions to ready your yard for next season will pay off in a major way. And it thanks to the landscaping professionals, you won’t even have to roll up your sleeves to acquire a beautiful looking yard in the spring

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