Kitchen Splashback 101: How To Choose The Right Cover

Kitchen splashback has been used by many not only for its ability to protect the wall from grease other substances that can cause dirt buildup, but also for its aesthetic value. That said, choosing which kind to can be quite tricky. There are several aspects to consider first before deciding which is the appropriate kitchen wall sheet to purchase. And whether it is the traditional tiles or the modern high gloss tiles, the fact that there are hundreds of options is enough to put the whole kitchen’s design before choosing.

Factors to Consider before Purchasing a Splashback

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Choosing the perfect kitchen splashback to install in your kitchen can be quite tricky. On a lighter note, there are a few yet useful factors to remember when searching for the right one. Here are some:

Check the Budget

The amount of money allotted for the purchase can significantly affect the final decision. Say, if the budget is small, expensive materials such as glass and stone is not a good option.

On the contrary, acrylic materials are cheaper. The budget can also affect the size and design since the price varies depending on the said variables. Hence, it is crucial to set the budget first before entering the decision-making phase.

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Think of the Right Material

When thinking of the design, the material to use can either elevate or depreciate the entire space’s aesthetic. Say, if the plan is to have a rustic-themed kitchen, traditional elements such as stone is a perfect material to express the desired look. On the other hand, if the plan is to have a modern and polished look, installing glass, prints, stainless steel, and copper are a great choice.

Here are a few materials:

  • Acrylic – cost-effective and similar to glass
  • Tile – easy to clean and multipurpose
  • Stone – elegant and perfect for rustic-themed kitchen
  • Mirrored Glass – modern, adds size and reflects light
  • Stainless Steel – durable and contemporary

Keep in Mind the Kitchen’s Overall Design

Another crucial aspect to remember when choosing the right splashback is the kitchen’s entirety. Of course, no one wants an awkward-looking design. However, this does not mean the cupboards and the benchtop should match the colour and style of the splashback. Instead, find something that will complement the overall aesthetic of the space. That way, the style, and colour will look harmonious in the eyes.


Splashback is not exempted from dirt buildup. And while wiping the dirt off using non-corrosive cleaners is not a tricky job, some materials, tiles, for instance, require particular cleaning products and proper care. That said, it could be a bit bothersome for busy homeowners. Hence, ask and get some advice from the installer first or any professional about the maintaining process of the chosen kitchen wall cover.

Which Splashback Is Better?

Splashback comes in various style, colour, and size. And each of it has the aesthetically-pleasing beauty that will not only complement the kitchen’s overall design but can also elevate it. That said, saying that the glass is better than the stone is not necessarily true. As such, it all comes down to the homeowner’s preference, the kitchen’s theme, and the budget.

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