Decorate the Wall above the Bed

Many people, in order to fill the space above their bed, choose to put a headboard. But what if you get bored with this solution and want something alternative?


 A painting is the simplest solution to easily and effortlessly decorate the space above your bed. Choose a table you like and combine it with the decoration of the rest of the room. If you like this particular table, you can make it the centerpiece of decorating by starting to make your room based on the colors that dominate the table.


 A good solution is also to place shelves on which you can place some books or decorative items. The shelves have the good that they are also a storage space that will help you especially if you do not have large spaces and many cabinets. By placing a beautiful wallpaper on the wall behind the shelves, your decoration will show even more beautiful.


Putting curtains behind your bed is not a bad idea at all. You will style your room and fill the room. Choose delicate and thin fabrics in pale shades and avoid intense patterns and heavy fabrics.

Create a gallery

Instead of hanging lots of artwork on your wall, support them over your bed. If you do not have a shelf built to support them you can hang them on the wall by creating an improvised wall gallery. Boost it with your own works of art, but also with paintings that have nice messages.


Choose a large poster or even wallpaper and dress with it the entire wall behind your bed. The effect will excite you and add style to your room without having to add anything else. You can buy some sustainable design posters that you can easily find on line with many motives that are going to impress you.

Flower Shelf If your room does not have a shelf above your bed then you can add one and put some flowers there to give color and vividness to the room.


If it suits you to put your bed in front of a window, then do it. Do not add curtains. It’s great to feel the sound of rain on the windows or the glowing rays of the sun.

Build your own construction If you are bored with shelves, paintings and curtains and you want something unique to have your own signature, make a beautiful construction. Take wooden boards from a carpenter’s shop and decorate with what you want. Either with your own black and white photos, either with candles or glasses, the result will be just great.

Decorate the top of your bed intelligently and creatively giving style to your place. Put your imagination to work and choose decorative to enhance your room style easily and without having to spend a lot of money.


Hats are the favorite accessory of many people, especially during the summer months. In the winter months, which you do not wear so often, you can use them to decorate your wall. Make your 4 color-like hats and put them next to each other. Last year we had seen fashion and hat galleries, where hats entered the wall in irregular rows and in different colors and shapes. This year, this way we recommend you is more minimalist, chic and upgrading the image of your space.


The easiest and yet stylish way to decorate your wall is with a map. Put your map on the wall and get inspired by it to find out which parts of the Earth you would like to go in the future.

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