Guide To Fix A Vacuum Cleaner That’s Lost Suction

A vacuum cleaner is a part of our daily lives now. It has not only made our lives easier but it is productive as well. Households cannot function suitably nowadays without having a good quality vacuum cleaner, as it makes cleaning the floors much easier. 

Did your vacuum cleaner stop working properly recently? If your vacuum cleaner has lost its ability of suction, then we are here to help you!

In this article, we will tell you how you can fix your vacuum cleaner that has lost its suction. This will be your complete guide in this regard!

So, keep on reading and find out more information below on how to fix a bagless vacuum cleaner.

The first step is to turn the floor head of the vacuum cleaner upside down. This way you will be able to analyze the situation pretty well. You should check if the floor tool of your vacuum cleaner comprises a spin brush. If there is no spin brush, then you will have to check for the pathways for air. The brush bristles can get stuck in the air pathways along with the debris and other dust particles. The next step is to clean all the dust particles and wipe out the debris. This way the pathway of air will be clean and clear. This prevents air to pass through seamlessly. If your vacuum cleaner comprises of a brush bar, then you should always keep checking it out on a time to time basis. Debris and hair will get stuck in the brush bar if you have pets at your home.  

  • Filter Of The Vacuum Cleaner

The main thing that people don’t realize is that vacuum cleaners lose suction when the filters of the vacuum cleaner get clogged with dirt particles and debris. If your Vacuum Cleaner has lost its ability of suction, then there is a possibility that it has a clogged filter. There are two types of filters. One is a motor filter, and the second is the allergen and filter. The motor filter is located at the back of your vacuum cleaner, and the allergy filter is located where the dust bag is. If you keep these filters clean regularly, then your Vacuum Cleaner will never lose its suction ability. In case if your Vacuum Cleaner has a self-cleaning filter function, then you just need to push the button and all the debris will get out of the filter.

  • Dust Container And Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Your vacuum cleaner is bound to lose its suction abilities if there is stuff stuck in the bags and the dust containers. So, you should keep an eye out for it, and keep it clean.

  • Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Clean it out after every single use. The capacity of dust is around a liter only. When you feel like the vacuum is full then there is a possibility that it is!


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