How Do I Fix My Central Vacuum Low Suction Problem?

Sometimes when you are using your Central vacuuming system then something can get stuck in the vacuum system that should not be there.

So recently if you have been noticing that you’re Central vacuum suction ability has been reduced down a lot then you are the right place today to gain information on this topic!

In this article we are going to tell you how you can fix your Central vacuum low suction problem!

So, keep on reading and find out more information below about low suction in your vacuum system!

 1. Location:

 The first thing that you need to do is to find out the place that is the source of the blockage in your home vacuum system. You can do this easily by testing the vacuum hose in different rooms inside your home. So after this you find out if the problem is happening in one place or if the problem is happening in all the rooms. 

If the problem is happening in only one place then the blockage is in that particular line of area. But if the blockage is happening in all the rooms then it means that the blockage is near to the central suction area of your vacuum system.

 2. Solution:

 If you are getting issues in a particular outlet then what you can blow in a situation like this is to turn your vacuum on and put your hand on top of the house and this week creator pressure on top of the suction.

After doing this for awhile you have to let it go and see if the power of the suction has come back in that outlet. You can try this procedure a few times to check if the blockage stops and your vacuum system gets restored back to its original state.

 3. Solution 2:

 If you have tried the solution 1 of creating pressure and it did not work then you should try using a fish tape.

Dissolution will involve you to extract the location of the except blockage place manually.

Also it is an important factor to note that dissolution will only work if the problem is in that particular outlet of the vacuum system in your home.

In case the solution does not work then you just need to be determined and keep troubleshooting again and again until this issue gets resolved.

 4. Hire A Professional:

 If after doing so much hard work you are still unable to find out the exact source of the blockage manually then it is the right time for you to hire a professional to solve this problem. You should do this because professionals are equipped with all the knowledge and they will solve your problem in no time and on top of that you will not have to do any hard work.

So you should definitely save your hard work from going to waste and hire a professional to solve your vacuum system problems!

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