Frosted Window Film in London

Keeping prying eyes out while securing your privacy is best achieved with a reliable and durable window tint. The latest glass films offer versatility and beautiful decorative features while providing the private space you need to feel comfortable inside your home. The frosted window film in London offers a soft appeal while preventing neighbours or the public from a street facing window, having the ability to peer in. Rely on a trusted and professional service to deliver effective results.

What is Frosted Film?

Frosted window film consists of a light powder colour and coating designed to allow sufficient light into the property while preventing outsiders from looking in. The frosted surface is most commonly applied for bathroom windows but can be purchased as an enhancement for any size or style of glass.

The Benefits of Frosted Film


The most obvious and highly popularized benefit of frosted glass is the privacy it provides. Bathrooms with large windows, glass windows facing a neighbouring property or a busy street can be significantly exposed to the public. Hanging outdated netting, large blinds or keeping your curtains closed prevents the natural light from entering and compromises a balanced living space.

An affordable solution to address issues of privacy is the application of window film. The modern film is available in different colors and styles but frosted shades have become the most superb decorative feature with absolute private features. The frosted coating is light and bright and designed for day and night use. It prevents people on the outside from being able to see into your property without obscuring the available light.

Any window from the bedroom to the living room and sliding doors requiring an extra layer of privacy will benefit from the application of frosted film.


Frosted window film in London is a beautiful feature. The frosted film is soft, it is bright and can incorporate various patterns and designs to enhance and modify a space. Select a solid application or the inclusion of clear cut-outs in shapes of your choosing.

Adding a layer of privacy does not mean that you have to compromise on beauty. The exceptional soft coating and appeal of frosted glass adds a charm and attractiveness for any home. Residents can benefit from the application of these beautiful layers from separating rooms with glass doors to applying the film on small to large windows.

Professional Installation

Have your frosted film installed by an experienced and a fully professional window film installation service. The applications are functional and flexible, adapted to fit the dimensions of window and glass panes.

A professional frosted film service ensures the product is correctly installed, smoothed and lasts. Frosted products are available in variable designs. Determine the strength of frosting required and discuss installation with your professional window enhancement service.

Window privacy film is a cost effective and valuable decorative solution to obscure visual access into your home. Professional and experienced installation services provide window film applications to perfection. To address aspects of privacy for the property, rely on the services provided by window frosted film experts.

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