Victorian Bedroom Decorating Ideas

As with any other part of the house, there are going to be many different styles that you might contemplate when designing and decorating your bedroom. Naturally, the decision for which style to go with for decorating your house will be heavily determined by your personal taste as well as your budget for decorating.

On top of this, there are going to be space restrictions which make certain styles less plausible. For example, a Victorian style might require more space, as compared to a nautical style that works well for smaller beach houses. Choosing a style will give you further guidance and help you choose the appropriate furniture to compliment the space and make it fit well with the theme. Keep in mind that a bedroom should be an inviting and comfortable area of the house, and not packed with obstacles!

To start off with your interior design project, the very first step is to choose which decorating style you would like as the theme for your space. Some of the most popular styles to choose from in 2018 include: Modern, Mediterranean, Scandinavian, Victorian, and Southwestern. Of course, there are plenty more themes out there, which you should first research before making your final choice.

After choosing your favorite style, you should look into furniture and accessory tips specific to your theme. You can find a plethora of resources online that are great for style-specific recommendations. To give you an example, if you chose a Victorian theme, you might find these particular tips to be helpful:

Decorating in the Victorian style will inevitably include a lot of accessorizing with large, ornate rugs, covering a big portion of the room. As well, you might want decorative, gold-trimmed cabinetry and a beautiful, carved wardrobe. Add ornate frames on the walls, decorated with gold mouldings to add a special effect to the room. Finally, you can go all-out with ceiling decoration with a decorative cornice, and a stunning hand-painted mural reminiscent of Victorian times.

Decorations and accessories for a bedroom in the Victorian style can be particularly exaggerated and showy.  The bed should be made of heavy wooden or cast-iron material with a decorative headboard. It may have an overhead canopy, with flowing decorative material. Your bedspread should be properly embellished with damask-like patterns, fringes, ribbons and bows.

Regardless of which style you choose to decorate in, as long as you stay focused on the theme until the end, you’re bound to finish with a beautiful result. For more help with Victorian decoration, and bedroom decor ideas, as the Lux Trim team for assistance.

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