Exploring the Various Air Conditioning Costs

Owing to the enormous range of variables which have to be factored into the cost of implementing air conditioning in your business it is very difficult to give businesses out there an idea of what exactly you may have to pay to get air conditioning into your workplace. With this being said however it is important that business owners understand exactly where the money will be spent when they do decide to get air conditioning, as it is not as simple as just paying the cost of purchase. Let’s take a look then at exactly what costs will be involved when your business decides to buy air conditioning.

Direct Costs For The Business

Let’s start with the direct costs to the business, the actual aspects of air conditioning which will come out of the company account. Initially there is of course the cost of purchase of the unit, the price for this will be dictated by the type of air conditioning the business wants to install, central AC will come at a much higher cost as a split system for example. The price will also be dictated by the brand, the energy efficiency rating and the size of the space that requires cooling. Air con installation is also a key cost to factor in, which will rise based on the difficulty of the installation and the number of labor hours which are required.

Beyond the purchase of the unit and installation you have the running costs to look at each month, not to mention the regular maintenance which is required to ensure that the system is running effectively and efficiently. As a general rule of thumb here, small businesses can expect to pay between $3 and $4 per square foot of cooling, larger businesses will be looking at costs of between $7 and $10.

Indirect Costs For The Business

There are additional costs to the business which many fail to take into account but they are worth your while understanding before you decide to purchase air conditioning. For example we often see installation which is invasive and causes the business to close during the installation process, this of course will cost money in lost business and paying employees despite not seeing any return on what you have spent. A weekday business may look to have the AC installed on a weekend but this of course comes with premium costs for off-peak hours.

Air con can also be dangerous if it is not properly maintained and that is why a regular air conditioning service is so essential. There are many risks associated with AC which can cost your business money such as sick building syndrome which can leave your employees feeling unwell and taking time off work. If AC units are not properly cared for or overused then they can contribute towards the passing of bacteria around the office or workspace.

There are of course ways in which you can save money on the installation of AC and the costs associated with running it such as looking to make purchases which include installation fees and a maintenance plan. In taking offers such as this a business is able to trim down the costs of the set-up of the unit. Beyond this it is important that the AC is only used when required and that fresh air is used as much as possible, saving costs and avoiding health risks.

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