A Guide to Finding a Reliable Air Conditioner Installer

When it comes to getting the best air conditioning installers there is a lot which needs to be considered. Regardless of what type of air conditioning you are getting installed in your home, from a simple installation like a ductless split to a more invasive procedure like a ducted system, it is important that you get the right people to do the job. In order for you to do that, you need to identify what qualities and characteristics you should be looking for in an air conditioning installer, now let’s take a look at exactly what those are.


Much like with any sort of service of this type a solid reputation is always a good place to start when it comes on deciding which installer is for you. In order to build a strong reputation an installer will have to be good at their jobs and make no mistakes. Previous customers will be very quick to talk about a negative experience which is why finding someone who doesn’t have anybody reviews will be a great idea for you.


Whilst you should always expect to pay a reasonable price for an air conditioning installation it is important that you avoid those charging exorbitant fees, and even those who are charging well below the market average. Do some research online to find out what a median price is depending on where you live, for the type of unit which you are looking to have installed. Once you have done that, try to find someone who falls within that price.

Offer of Warranty

Not all installers will offer a warranty on the work that they have done, which could see you spending more money down the line should things go wrong.It is for this reason why it makes far more sense to find an installer who will offer you that warranty and who will be able to give you the peace of mind that you are covered against any issues.

Customer Service

You should certainly expect some good customer service from your chosen installer and in the lead up to your installation date this is something which you must keep an eye out for. If you aren’t getting good customer service over the phone from the company which you have chosen, you may not have the faith that they will do a good job once they arrive in your home.

Watch Outs

When hiring installation teams to come in there are a few things which you should be keeping an eye out for. For example:

  • Don’t let the company or the individuals who you have hired sub-contract the job, this is something which is not in good faith and which you simply shouldn’t accept.
  • Warranty details are also important, some will try to gain an advantage by giving a warranty that will expire before you even get started using your system.
  • Finally you should always ensure that the team or individual who are carrying out your installation is fully licensed.

Invest the time in researching the right installation team in order to avoid any issues.

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