Designing the Perfect Storage Shed

There are a number of reasons for buying, designing or building your very own shed, some will  look to build a pleasant structure in their garden to use during the warmer months, others wish to create additional living space in their property and the most common use for a shed is for storing goods. Now if you have a need for a shed of this type then you could go straight to a hardware store and buy something generic which you like, but for a more personal and customized shed which fits your needs, it is always best to design it yourself. Storage sheds can differ greatly and there is a range of options for you when you embark on this task, and here is what you need to consider when you do.

What Are You Storing?

The million dollar question which you’ll first have to answer is exactly what do you plan to store? You should be thinking not only about the items which you want in your shed but also their size, the value of them, and how often you will be using them. For example if you plan to store bikes in your shed which you’ll be using with frequency, it makes little sense to have them in a space at the back, which requires moving other items to get to them. Aim to have ample space for each type of object, you don’t have to create a space exactly for a bike, or a toolbox, but spaces which are big enough for multiple items, big and small.

Elements and Risk

In order to ensure that you have designed a storage shed which is going to be durable, it is important that you pay close attention to the things which may cause damage to the shed. For example sheds in Melbourne must be strong enough to cope with the warmest and harshest of weather conditions given the change between the seasons, on the other hand sheds in Queensland are going to have to be built to last through the intense heat which it counts on throughout the year. Beyond this you will have to prepare for animals, pests and insects which may wish to use your shed as a home of their own.


Given that you are going to be storing items in the shed it is essential that you pay particular attention to the security aspect of the shed. If you are storing high value items then you will be better off looking into a Colorbond or metal shed which will give you the protection that you need to guard your belongings. If you do opt for a wooden shed then the strength of the door, roof, windows and locks will be of paramount importance, as well as ensuring that the goods which are stored in there are not visible from outside.


Simply because the shed will be used for storage does not mean that  you have to forget about it looking good, on the contrary in fact. You can add some stylish touches on the exterior of the shed, brightening it up with bold paint colors and plants on the outside. You could also personalize the shed with signage and design tweaks on the exterior. Simply because the shed is practical doesn’t mean that you can’t give it some style, especially if it is sat front and center in your garden.

Plan well and pay particular attention to security when you are creating your very own storage shed.

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