Effective Tips for the Easy Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Toronto

Popcorn ceiling or acoustic ceilings have a textured appearance. If you have recently moved to a new home and are tired of this bumpy and outdated finish, you can easily get the same removed.

If you have enough capital to invest in the redecoration process, you can opt for Popcorn ceiling replacement to get the best results. These ceilings often contain asbestos. Therefore, you need the help of an expert to bring in the best results for your needs. Often an EPA approved test kit is bought in.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Toronto

If the popcorn ceiling is covered in paint, it may become extremely difficult to remove the same. Hence, you need to have professional popcorn ceiling removal Toronto to get the best results.

This is because the paint prevents the texture from absorbing water, and this means that you will have extreme difficulty in removing it on your own. Ideally, you will need the help of the chemical stripper to break down the paint barriers. However, before proceeding with the step, it is best to focus on Popcorn ceiling removal cost to avoid any major issues in future.

How to Get Popcorn Ceiling Replacement Within Your Budget?

While opting for the professional Popcorn ceiling replacement, it is vital to get the best results. Often, the cost of the same is less and saves you from hazards. The professional service providers carry the best training and experience to handle the situation.

However, if you wish to move to the DIY solutions, you need to have the following tools with you

  • Use a ladder to reach out to the ceilings and other areas. It is best to opt for a professional service provider for Popcorn ceiling removal Toronto to get the best results.
  • You will also need to have tarp to cover carpets, furniture, etc. This saves you from debris
  • You will also need painter’s tape to secure the tarp. Also, plastic sheets and safety gear is vital to get the best results.

It is best to focus on popcorn ceiling removal cost using the above process and then compare it with the professional service cost. This will ensure that you make the right selection process and save both time and effort in this way.

Preparing for Focus on Popcorn Ceiling Removal 

In both the above cases, you need to prepare the surface for getting the best results for your needs. For this, use the following pointers –

  • Move small furniture items from the immediate area. Use tarps, covers, etc. to protect your larger appliances. Using plastic shields and covers ensures that the same is saved from both dust and debris.
  • Turn off both the heating and cooling system.
  • Call in the electrician to cut power to ceiling fixtures and electronic appliances or fire alarms.
  • Ensure that the room is ventilated. Allow fresh air to pass through the room for the right results.
  • Use painter’s tape along with waterproof material on the floor. This will save your expensive flooring from damage due to debris.
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