Top 10 Summer Home Renovation Ideas

The summer season is the best time to do home renovations—thanks to the good weather and longer days. Even during the rainy days, you can still do some interior renovation projects. However, you will realize that you can do a lot, especially when the weather is ideal. The following are the top 10 tips for anyone looking to renovate their homes during the summer.

Renovate Your Kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen will definitely give you a good ROI. Today, there are different ways in which you remodel your kitchen. However, the entire renovation project will depend on the amount you are willing to spend.

Here are a few ways in which you can save when renovating your kitchen:

  • Replace cabinets with open shelves – with this, you don’t need to physically replace the kitchen cabinets. You only need to remove the doors to convert them into shelves. Moreover, you can buy new shelves if you cannot convert the existing cabinets. Open kitchen shelves are increasing in popularity today.
  • Buy energy-efficient appliances – although buying new appliances will be costly, they will save you a lot in terms of energy bills in the long run. Also, this will increase the value of your house.
  • Add some ceiling tiles – these will add some color and pop to the kitchen. Nowadays, most people love colorful kitchens, and ceiling tiles are a good way to achieve that.
  • Install a new backsplash – you will be surprised by how new backsplash will give your kitchen a new look.

Improve your landscaping

This is another common summer home renovation project that is set to improve your home’s curb appeal. We can all agree that a beautiful lawn is an important part of your home’s appearance. Your landscaping is the first thing that people see. This makes it an important area to focus on when remodeling your home during the summer.

When starting, you can opt to do a DIY landscaping project, or hire a professional landscaper. However, you only need a weekend to finish this project. General contractors at AFS General Contracting share that if you consider contracting a professional landscaper, you must understand that you have two options—a landscape contractor and landscape architect. Each one has a specific role.

Designing a new walkway in addition to solar lighting—if you don’t have one is a good idea. Don’t forget to plant some trees, as they will improve the aesthetics of your landscape.

Build a new fence

Apart from defining your boundaries, a newly-installed fence will make your home look better. Barriers are important for homeowners with your children and pets.

Summer is the best time for homeowners to install a new fence. First, the ground is softer, which makes it easier to fix the fence posts. Secondly, since you will be using concrete to stabilize the posts, it sets better if the weather is warm. However, you shouldn’t work on your fence if the weather is extremely hot.

Make your bathroom a bit lively

The next area to focus on during your summer home renovation project is the bathroom. Typically, plumbing remodeling projects are complicated in nature. However, you can make your bathroom look better with these ideas:

  • Create tile accents –  dull bathroom floors have a certain beauty, but they lack some zest. Creating single accent tiles to your bathroom’s walls and floors can dramatically improve its appearance.
  • Install a glass shower door – well, this might be hard to clean. However, it does give your bathroom a modern, luxurious, and exciting appearance. Installing a glass shower door can make the bathroom look larger.
  • Add some entertainment – today, we have water-resistant TVs and radios. Adding one of these to your bathroom can make your shower times fun and interesting. Also, who said that you cannot watch a movie while relaxing at your bathtub?

Install new doors and windows

Don’t forget to invest in new doors and windows. This is the perfect idea for homes with old and worn out, or damaged doors and windows. When choosing new windows, go for dual-pane ones. This design does not only eradicate outside noises, it improves your home’s insulation. That means you won’t lose cooled air during the summer and heated air during the winter.

Typically, you don’t need to get a permit to replace your doors and windows. However, you will need one if you have to cut new openings in the wall for this project. 

Install ceiling fans

A ceiling fan is essential as it keeps your home cool while cutting down on energy costs. However, most homeowners tend to overlook this project during their summer home renovation projects. Today, the evolution of ceiling fans has seen them transform from the ugly rotating pieces in our homes to appliances that complement the beauty of our homes.

Modern ceiling fans come in different decorative colors and styles. Besides, you can purchase one at a cheaper price. However, always make sure that you get one with Energy Star certification.

Build a patio or deck

This one of the best and easiest methods of increasing the value of your home. Also, it’s a good way to add some extra living space in your home at a lower price.

The summer season is one of the best times to spend your days outdoors. So, you need to keep your yard in good condition. Additionally, adding a deck or patio allows you to enjoy the evenings outdoors. This can be the best place for your weekend BBQ parties.

Renovate your driveway

Your driveway is one of the first things your visitors or prospective buyers notice when they visit your home. Therefore, you should note that your driveway can attract or drive away new buyers.

If you have an existing asphalt driveway, you can consider resurfacing it. Also, if the driveway has significant damages, just remove it and build a brand new one. In addition, you can make it wider to create extra parking spaces. The thing is, you have limitless ideas on how you can improve your driveway.

Repaint the interior

You’ll be surprised by what a new paint job can do to the interior of your home. Not only does it change the appearance, but it can also increase the value of your home. When you decide to repaint your home, let a professional painter do the job.

Furthermore, you should make sure that the contractor is lead-safe certified. Some of the best colors to go for when painting your interior are inviting and warm colors. However, the color should match the furniture at your home. Your contractor should assist you in choosing the ideal color for your home.

Build an extension

Adding an extension to your home is another amazing renovation idea during the summer. This is the season when you can do such a job since workers will be comfortable. Moreover, since such projects tend to take a bit longer, you don’t need to worry about if it will be done before the season is over. If you can build vertically or horizontally, adding an extra bedroom or bathroom can increase the value of your home.

Bottom Line

Renovating your home improves its appearance, in addition to increasing its value. Summer is the best time to do such renovations since the weather conditions are better and days longer. So if you are wondering which renovation project might make your home look better, consider the tips we’ve discussed above. 

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