Choosing a Sturdy Foundation For Your Shed

When it comes to building sheds in Perth that are strong and sturdy, a good foundation is key. The first piece of a shed-building-puzzle to consider is the base. You want your new shed to stand the test of time, and a good foundation is one of the most important first steps. 

When you think about it, one of the key components of your shed’s success is its foundation. So, to ensure a strong and sturdy future for your shed, it’s important to take time to plan a solid foundation. Your first task is to choose the type of base that best suits your shed.

What Is The Best Base For Your Shed?

There are a few options to choose from for your shed’s foundation:

  • Concrete
  • Pavers
  • Timber


Many shed manufacturers recommend a concrete slab as a base for a shed. This provides a solid, level and permanent foundation for your shed. However, this may not always be possible for those who rent or don’t have proper access for a mixer truck.


If concrete isn’t an option that is possible, large concrete pavers may be the solution. You need to be sure to take into account the perimeter of your shed, both inside and outside. One disadvantage of pavers is that it’s difficult to create a rebate on the edge to prevent water from getting in. However, this problem could be overcome with some sealer.


Timber floors are another option. You can purchase timber floor kits that you can design online. However make sure you take into account the shed rebate which should be in the manual.

Is Concrete The Best Base For a Shed?

A secure and sturdy base for your shed is essential so it can survive rain and strong winds. If you place your shed directly on the ground or an uneven surface, it may quickly become unstable and dangerous after heavy rain. A concrete slab is the best option for sheds in Perth. The size and weight means it won’t break or move. Concrete is the ideal foundation for a safe and secure shed.

The Benefits of Choosing Concrete

In Australia we can experience intense weather at times. Strong winds and heavy rain can lead to damage for many residents. Tools and expensive equipment that are often stored in sheds are vulnerable to damage when kept in a building that doesn’t have an adequate foundation. A well build foundation will stand up to intense weather and protect your shed; and as a result, protect its contents. Concrete slabs are an excellent foundation for your shed. Not only do they provide a solid level surface to work on, with the proper fixings, concrete securely anchors your shed to the ground.

At Spinifex Sheds we not only provide great sheds, we can also take care of the foundation. With complete shed packages we can create a solid concrete foundation to keep you new shed safe and secure. If you would like more information about concrete foundations for your shed contact our friendly staff, we are happy to help.

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