Some of the best cutting boards to add in your kitchen and how to care for them

The cutting boards are one of the most used kitchen tools chosen by us to make our chopping work easy. So, it becomes so important to buy the best one for the same purpose. Apart from slicing and dicing, we keep the boards’ sock in water for many hours without oiling them. All cutting boards are not similar. Some of you use a plastic cutting board, while others opt for wooden ones depending on the comfort level. Here, we are discussing some preeminent range of cutting boards that you can have in your kitchen. 

Wood, by far, is the preferred choice among the people because of the right reasons. Not only are they superb in functionality, but also excellent for knives. The wooden boards provide an extra edge to knives so that they quickly get sink into every slice and dice them properly. The best thing about these boards is that they are enthralled with antiseptic properties, but due to rough handling can become susceptible to germ growth. Therefore, they demand proper caring. 

  • Bamboo cutting boards

The most significant benefit of using bamboo as a cutting board is that it is environment friendly. Like wooden cutting boards, they also have antimicrobial property. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have to take care of them. Moreover, they resist staining and can remain for a longer period. 

  • Plastic cutting boards

The plastic cutting boards are very light in nature and efficiently be used around the kitchen. As compared to wooden and bamboo cutting boards, they are much cheaper. The only limitation is that they don’t have bacteria-fighting capabilities. Hence, it is required to maintain them regularly. 

  • Glass, slate or marble cutting boards

You must be surprised to know about them. These are used only for some particular purposes. The reason behind this is that they dull your knives every time you cut the food. 

How to take care of them?

The simplest method of maintaining or you can say taking care of these boards is to oil them properly. There is lots of cutting board oil present in the market that serve this purpose. One such is the Walrus Oil that is loved by many people. The oil formula has an excellent mixture of oils that deeply get soaked inside the wood. So, it is advisable to use them if you have a cutting board in your kitchen. 

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