Everything You Need to Know About Tall Bar Chairs

Bar chairs usually accompany counters, just like the seats, they allow sitting in front of a counter. Whether you install it in the kitchen or your bar in the living room, the tall bar chair fulfills an essential function of conviviality.

The question of comfort must, therefore, be approached carefully. Tall bar chairs with a footrest allow guests to find a comfortable position during the whole meal or evening. The presence of the backrest can be the final touch to comfort and will be warmly welcomed by people prone to back pain.

We can find a lot of offers of tall bar chairs available online or in specialized shops. But to avoid wasting your time, we made a list of what you should consider while looking for tall bar chairs. We took into consideration the quality, price, resistance, and comfort.

What is a bar chair?

By definition, a bar chair is the type of furniture that usually comes with a seat supported by four feet that allow users to access a counter. This definition remains limited, however. In practice, the bar chair can be placed not only in front of a counter but also in front of a dining table or worktop. Today, the four-legged format is not mandatory anymore. Designers no longer hesitate to explore all possibilities to make the base of their bar chairs ever more original. The bar chairs are also distinguished from other home seats by their greater seat height. Their reduced backrest size, which is sometimes not even included. Because of the built-up seat height, the bar chairs are always equipped with footrests to provide more comfort.

Checklist for a personal use:

-The shape of the chair:

-The use of the chair:

Good planning and family needs are always helpful as it is necessary to examine in advance who will most often use bar chairs. If there are, for example, significant differences in the size and weight of the user, you can either choose one for all stable and solid compromises.

The best color of the chair:

Another benchmark in choosing tall bar chairs is which color is best for you and if they fit perfectly with the existing ambiance and furniture. If possible, you should choose soft colors – for example black, grey or brown. For lighter tones, one should always remember that despite the easy maintenance material, short-term stains are clearly visible as well as long-term traces of use.

-Easy to clean:

Some of you are thinking of placing these chairs in the living room, kitchen or even garden. It is a good idea, but we also need to make sure we can maintain them in good condition. Therefore, cleaning a chair should be an easy yet effective task. However, if you have a chair made of different materials that would be a difficult task. Also, it is a must to have a chair equipped with a rubber material that provides a non-slip, while protecting the floor and reducing the friction between the latter and the base.

The bar chairs are easy to clean: all you need to do is pour some soapy water first, then rinse with clean water. Please note that very strong or chemical products cannot be used for cleaning.


While gathering information to write this article, I had a crush on the CDG Furniture 657-H75, which is their latest model. It is available in different materials, including iron, aluminum, wood, metal, and steel. This reminded me of something important, never think of buying a plastic bar chairs. You don’t want to end up helping your guest standing up after falling because of the poor material. For colors, the wide selection will make you want to buy them all, from Vintage white to Retro black, passing by Matt Yellow, French Red or even Antique Blue… This selection will make everyone happy.

To summarize all of this, tall bar chairs have become essential parts if you want to bring a modern and dynamic look to your home. A wide choice in terms of design, materials and colors is available for you; the model CDG Furniture 657-H75 is offering all what we mentioned above.

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