Best Practices: Repairing Your Copper Pipe

If a person has copper pipes in their home they need to take care of them and maintain them. Even with the best maintenance, there are chances that leaks can happen especially as the age of the pipes. There are some ways to fix a copper pipe leak before it becomes a major problem.

Turn off the Water

Before trying to fix any leak including a copper pipe leak be sure to turn off the water. If the water is on this leads to flooding and a big mess. A tube cutter can be used to cut each side of the pipes around the damaged area. The cutters should be applied tightly and rotated in a full turn. They should be tightened and rotated until the damaged area of the pipe is cut off.

Cutting the New Piece

If either part of the existing pipe can be moved a standard coupling can be used. If the pipe is not in this condition that a slip coupling should be used. The replacement piece should be held against the pipe for exact measurement. It should be the same length as the piece of pipe that was removed. The tubing cutter can be used to cut the new piece of pipe.

Installing the Replacement Piece

A multi use brush can be used to polish the new piece of cutter pie and the new couplings. Flux should be applied to the couplings on each side and slid halfway onto the replacement pipes.

This should then be applied to the existing pipe.

Fitting on the Frame

It is important to protect the flame and the walls that are close to the pipe. A cookie sheet or a fiber shield can be used to help protect these areas. It is important to use a torch to make sure the pipe is securely in place. The torch should be aimed so that the top of the blue flame is in the middle of the fitting. When the pipe begins to sizzle it should take around 5 seconds to move the flame to the opposite side of the pipe. Touch the solder to the joints too

Wipe the Joints

Once the solder is sucked into the wipe it is time to wipe the joint. A rag can be used so that everything is smooth and it will no longer be dropped. The rang may be needed to be folded over several times for protection. A person should also wear gloves so that their hands are protected. This should be done for the other side of the pipe too. The pipe should be left alone to set for an hour. After this time come back and check it to be sure that nothing is smoldering.

Using a Tape Kit

If there is a small leak a tape kit can be used to patch up the kit. A sweated patch and fiberglass tape can be used. There is a kit that will contain everything needed to fix a leak. There is a tape that is covered with resin for the leak, gloves for protection, and lubricant to help remove any bubbles from the tape.

This is a way that a person can fix a leak in their copper pipe. They can replace the leak and save money by doing it on their own. A person can replace a piece of copper pipe and they can have their pipes working again in no time. The replaced pipe will be able to be sturdy for many years.

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