How to Make the Most out of Your Beach House

Australia is synonymous with beach culture, with the majority of Australians living towards the coast, there is no wonder why having a beach house is part of the great Australian dream. If you are in the position where you find yourself being able to purchase, build or renovate an existing beach house, there are ways that you can make the most of beachside living. As with any home renovation or planning, the location and elements must be considered when making decisions over areas like design, materials and décor, so when it comes to coastal living, here is some advice to get you started.

Tiles Are Your Friend

Practical, functional and beautiful; where possible, always opt for tiles in your beachside abode. One of the detriments of living on the coast is that sand and dirt becomes just a part of life which makes tiles the easiest option to clean. Chances are, especially in Summer, you are going to have a lot of foot traffic coming through, so being able to mop and clean efficiently is an advantage. In the Summer as well, they stay cool and feel great to walk on. Above all, a great tiling job always looks amazing so invest in tiles for your beach house.

All on Deck

One of the beauties about coastal living is just how much time you get to spend outdoors, and nothing helps you achieve that more than having a deck around your home. Not only does it extend your living space, but it is part of the overall vibe of going to a beach house. Outdoor entertaining, sitting on the deck reading a book by the seaside view, having the kids run around it. All of these images paint a picture of the perks that costal living can give you. This is why having a deck will add to your home. If you are planning to build a deck, then you do have to be wary about the materials that you use as there is that added moisture, but with plenty of options including materials like composite decking, you do not have to worry. Put a barbecue, a fridge, an outdoor setting and a few lounge chairs and enjoy the view from your deck. Find out more about composite decking at this Melbourne decking supplier.

Be a Little Shady

Finding ways to incorporate shade into your beach house is a must, especially when it comes to the Australian Summer. Having a design that incorporates wide and deep eaves is a great way to create shade. If you have a deck attached to your beach house, there are various ways to use shades that still look amazing and invest in blinds or shutters that you can draw to help keep the home cool on those really hot Summer days. Shades and shutters come in a range of styles and designs, so there are plenty of ways to incorporate them into your house’s design.

Have it Open

Windows, doors and other ways to open up the home so you can enjoy the view and the wonderful sea breeze is an absolute must in a beach house. Having windows that are simply designed, with the option to be opened up to embrace the outdoors captures the lifestyle that comes with owning a beach house. The sea breeze can also be utilised to keep the home cool, so if you want to get the best out of all the elements that come with owning a beach house, having windows and doors that can be opened up to create a seamless connection with the outside is a necessity. Make sure though that you do install flyscreens though to keep the mozzies at bay.

Protect Your Home

Other than having sand tramped through your home, one of the biggest obstacles with owning a beach house is protecting from the corrosion that comes with the salt in the air. Fixtures like taps and faucets and appliances may be susceptible, so it is important to invest in stainless steel to help protect against corrosion. Ensure that you are regularly maintaining the metal by wiping it down with vinegar and a microfibre cloth.

Create a Buffer

An outdoor, open-air shower to ensure people are washing off before coming in from the beach is one of the great features that should be included in your design plans or have a room dedicated to changing and washing off. This can also be a good place to store your beach gear, so consider creating a space that acts as a buffer between the home and the beach. If you have a lot of gear, then including an outdoor shed or storage area is a great idea, and you can design it so it fits into the rest of the home.

Having a beach house is an excellent way to enjoy the best of Australia. Gone are the days where going to a holiday home on the beach was a small shack up the coast. A beach house is a great way to create a home away from home so just like your home, get the best out of the design and take the time and effort to put together the best space possible.

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