Beginner’s Guide To Find An Architect

Making a start on a new project requires a lot of consideration in order to get the end result you want. Every aspect from constructors to contractors all needs to be considered so that the right talents meet together to create a pure vision for the client in mind. This high level of curation also applies to architects.

Finding architects in London doesn’t need to be an arduous task but there are some considerations to look out for to make sure that you have the right architect for your upcoming project. It’s all well finding an architect who can offer you the best price, but do some research and make sure they are up to the task at hand.

Shortlisting architects

After you have found some architects through word of mouth, or by searching via your go to search engine online, the next step is to look in more detail at your chosen few. Before looking at each one individually make a note of the qualities you are looking for. For example, jot down what you expect the architect to be able to create and your ideas of budget etc.

Are they registered?

All architects must by law be registered with the Architects Registration Board. If they are not it will be a straight no for that individual.

The board ensures that the servicer you choose is covered by adequate insurance for any indemnities and there is also a basis for service standard which should give assurances that the architects listed on the board give a good service and equally good work.

Are they chartered?

This is often a preferred option when choosing an architect. Not always detailed on listings when searching for architects London online, chartered architects work by a very strict code which ensures that they work professionally at all times and are independent and efficient throughout the duration of the contract.

Permissions and listed buildings

Like many other projects, buildings can also come across certain issues which may halt or alter progress. Throughout a building project there may be some issues which need certain permissions to be obtained from a local authority. 

Ideally, the architect you select for your project will have experience in dealing with these issues so they can deal with any problems that arise quickly and efficiently. The same applies to listed buildings. If you live in a grade listed building look for experience with that type of building.

Choosing the architect

Once you have gone through all your requirements and whether the architects have the experience you want, take some time to contact a handful of them to see if they have the means to carry out the project.

Factors to look at include getting an estimate cost for the project, a timescale on how long the task will realistically take and any ideas and initial drawings they have. Another good idea is to have a look through their portfolio to match their methods to your project.

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