Do Wooden Floors Increase The Value Of your Home

With a volatile economy it is not always easy to sell your home for the price you thought it would be worth. In many cases, homes languish for an extended period of time without interested parties willing to pay the price. At other times, prices are lowered by the homeowners wanting to move on. This has got people wondering what it takes to sell your house fast and at a good value. As this is a topic that is almost widely discussed, what factors in to increase the potential of selling your home?

A good investment to make on your home is by using wooden flooring in Dubai. There is a lot of research to suggest that homes with wooden floors tend to sell faster than similar properties without wooden floors, and at a higher price. Although it is not possible to reach statistics, the research seems credible.

Wooden flooring in Dubai has undoubtedly become popular in the last several years. There is a variety of flooring options that homeowners can choose from whether it is traditional or contemporary, dark or light, matte or gloss as each one of these additional features will depend on the interior of the home.

It is good to remember that wooden flooring is easy to clean and maintain and is known to be a long-term flooring solution. High quality wooden floors have an average thickness of ¾ inches. Flooring with this type of thickness can be refinished over ten times during its life. Depending on the foot traffic and the roughness of everyday activities, you can expect your wooden floor to survive a decade without it requiring too much maintenance. Most people, particularly buyers find the option of wooden floors lasting for a lifetime attractive.

While it is not to say that investing in wooden flooring should be for the sole purpose of selling your house, it is good to take that fact into consideration when picking out your flooring choice. When looking at the characteristics of wooden floors, it should be something that appeals to a majority of people. For example, most people will find neutral colours more attractive as they are versatile. This will increase your selling potential. While the buyer may not retain the flooring in its original condition, you have given them the option of achieving a darker tone if that is what they desire for the home, which also means that buyers will not put off the resale knowing that they can add versatility to a lighter wooden floor.

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