6 Best Pest Control Practices in Residential Properties

Pest infestation in a residential property can be scary. For instance, if you are a rental homeowner, it can be such a difficult task to rent your house when it is infested with bed bugs and carpenter ants. Having the best practices that can prevent and keep pests away from a residential property is the best way of making the property liveable. 

Rove Pest Control can help you to remove all the pests in your residential property overnight. While pest infestations can be annoying and difficult to deal with, seeking a professional on time can help you reduce the cost of repairing damages that these pests can cause to your property. This article points at some essential practices that can help you control pests.

Pest control practices for your residential property

1. Garbage management 

Effective garbage management can help you stop pests from infesting your residential property. All the garbage should be kept far away from the house. Keep your compost heap some distance away from the building to prevent pests such as rodents from moving in.

2. Building maintenance 

Pests such as rodents and spiders find their way into the residential property through small openings on the wall. Therefore, you should ensure you block any crevices and cracks on your walls. Ensure your attic vents are well conditioned to keep the pests off the property.

3. Pruning 

If you have flowers and plants surrounding your house, then you must ensure their branches do not extend to your roof and windows. Prune all plants with spreading branches. Pests such as termites and carpenter form their nests on dead plant limbs and branches. Keep your plants low to ensure such pests do not find their way into your building when they infest the plants. 

4. Suck standing water 

Standing water is home to mosquitoes. It attracts other pests such as rats and army ants. You should ensure your residential compound is clean and free of any standing water. You can also reduce water sources in your house to keep your compound dry all the time. Repair all leaking pipes in your walls.

5. Housekeeping 

Housekeeping can help protect your residential property from being infested with pests. Ensure you employ experienced housekeepers who can inform you about any pest infestation immediately. Also, you should let your residents know the steps they should take in case of any pest infestation. For instance, you can provide provisions for dealing with a pest infestation, sanitation, and trash removal in the residential property. 

5. Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

IPM professionals can help you avoid pest infestation in your residential property. Therefore, the best way to ensure your building is pest free is to enlist the services of a professional pest exterminator to keep your building free of pests.


Keeping pests away from your residential property can be such a difficult task if you lack the required experience. The six tips given here can help you prevent pest infestation in your home and attract more tenants. Always reach out to a professional exterminator on time to help you get rid of annoying pests from your building.