What to do when Rodents invade your property

The truth is that you do not want to live in a house infested with mice and rodents. These are the most disgusting creatures you can tolerate at your workplace or home. They will eat anything that comes their way, including your precious furniture and building structure. Before you know it, you will start digging deep in your pockets to acquire new assets. 

When rodents infest your house all you can do is find a way of eliminating them soonest. Apart from being harbingers to various bacterial infections, rodents can make living unbearable. In most cases, they invade your house in search of food and shelter. Therefore, if you are those people that leave leftover food in the open, you are at a risk of a rat infestation.

In the United States, there are varieties of rodents such as mice, voles, and rats, which can infest your house or property. It is essential to find the best pesticide to help you exterminate any rodent that may infest your home. Exterminating voles can be such a difficult task if you do not know how to deal with them. This article guides you on what to do when rodents infest your property.

Remove rodents from your property with the following tips 

1. Block any openings in your house

Although it may sound like a preventive measure to rodents, blocking any openings in your house interior and exterior can help you remove rodents from your home. Some rodents, especially those that live outside your house in the compost heap, can penetrate through small openings to find their way into the attic and other parts of the house. Do not leave any openings in the walls that may permit the entry of rodents in your house. Rat proofing your house can help you avoid rodent infestation.

2. Keep the lights on

Rats are very secretive animals. They like moving in the dark. When you live your lights on during the night, you can be sure to keep some rodents off your property.

3. Set Traps 

Rodents are sensitive and smart of all the pests. They are large enough to be caught on most traps. You can set a bait trap to catch the rodents and dispose of them off your house by using either sticky or spring-loaded traps to catch the rodents. After deciding on the type of trap you want to use, you can then choose the bait to be used on the traps. Some of the most common baits for rodents include cheese, peanut butter, bacon, chocolate, and gumdrops. Place your trap with bait in places that you think mouse activity is a lot.


Your traps may not be successful in trapping rats and helping you reduce their population. If you feel that the traps are not helping you, it is high time you contact a professional pest exterminator in your region to help you remove the rodents from your property. Exterminators are skilled on how to remove pests from any property without causing any collateral damage. Always try these tips before seeking professional help. 




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