5 Must-Follow Tips to Store Your Wood Pellets Safely

You already know that wood pellets are made up of wood. Wood is normally sourced from living, organic, and breathing material, which can be altered and affected by time as well as the various other elements, especially moisture. Even if you are storing wood under the best conditions, wooden pellets have the capability of losing the natural flavor of hardwood that they are normally known for. Most of the wood pellets do not contain preservatives and chemicals and hence, you have to replace them with new wood pellets when the time comes. 

However, if you are storing the pellets perfectly, they can not only last but also retain the flavor for quite a long time. Given below is a list of tips that you can follow to ensure that your wood pellets remain protected. 

Store in a dry and clean area free from moisture and mold

You know that wood is capable of retaining moisture. Therefore, when the wood pellets will be exposed to any kind of element, it will be extremely difficult to burn as well as smoke when they are facing the grill. If the wood pellets are damp, it can affect the grill from reaching the required temperatures. It can so happen that the pellets will not ignite, causing flameouts. This is why you need to ensure that you are storing them in dry and clean areas that do not have either moisture or mold. 

Store the pellets in buckets with sealable lids

Moisture can damage the wood pellets in numerous ways. Hardware stores need to have buckets of almost 5 gallons with lids that are going to clamp down as well as lock the moisture out. This will help in keeping the wooden pellets protected. 

Make sure that they are away from heat of any kind

Just as you need to keep the pellets away from moisture, it is also your responsibility to keep them away from excess heat. The reason behind this is that wood pellets can catch fire easily. You should not place them near the water heater or the fireplace. Even if the pellet bag is brand new and sealed, they have the capability of igniting when they are exposed to flame and heat. You can gain more information about 6mm træpiller or wood pellets by visiting reputed websites and understand how you can protect them. 

Store the pellets on elevated surfaces when storing outside

If you store unused wood pellets outside your home, you need to make sure that you are placing them on elevated surfaces. It is super easy for any kind of moisture to seep into the bag in case if you have left it on grass, dirt, or even the concrete deck. You also need to ensure that the bags are completely protected and covered. 

Ensure that the pellets are snapping

An ideal way of understanding the freshness of the pellets is by breaking them into halves. If you see that your pellets snap, you can be assured that they can be used. However, if they just bend and do not break, you need to know that it is time to replace the pellets, as stated by www.louisiana-grills.ca


It is your responsibility to protect the wood pellets. Ensure that you are following the tips that have been mentioned above so that you can protect them optimally. 


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