Steps To Make Sectional Sofa Slipcover Without Sewing

You do not have to spend a huge sum of money in replacing your sectional sofa when it starts to look outdated. You can instead invest on a slipcover to hide the marks of age on your sofa. There are lots of premade slipcovers that you will come across but all of these may not fit in properly on your sectional sofa. Therefore, you will need a customized sectional sofa cover which once again will cost you dearly due to its limited supply.

The other alternative is to make slipcover on your own, but then you may ask how can you do so if you do not have a proper sewing machine as it is used in the shops. Well, do not fret.  You may not even need to sew the slip cover for your sectional sofa provided you know the exact ways to make it! 

Choose the right material

You will need to choose the right type of material to make you own no-sew slipcover for your sectional sofa. You can use the painter’s drop-cloths for that matter. 

  • This is an inexpensive canvas-type material that will reduce the cost at least in half, if not more as compared to those yards of fabric from a store.
  • This material will also work well for your no-sew slipcover providing a perfect stich, look and fit.
  • It will also give your sectional sofaa raggedyet chic touch

Make sure that you avoid thosecanvas-style dropcloth that comes with a plastic backing to make it really ‘nonslip.’ Also use some adhesive-backed hook-and-loop tapeused on fabric to hold the seams beneath the hidden places and cushions together.

Getting ready

Before you start using the dropcloth to make your slipcover, wash them thoroughly in order to soften them up. If you wish you can even use a tinge of bleach to the wash cycle. This will remove the tawny color of the fabric and give it a slight ecru linen look. 

Hang it on the clothesline to dry. You may even use a dryer in order to give it a freshsmell. If the canvas is stiff, soften it up by setting your dryer to wrinkle-release setting.

Steps to follow

You should follow these specific steps to make your no-sew sectional sofa slipcover. Start with measuring the sectional sofa lengthwise to find out the amount of drop cloth you will need. 

  • Arrange it onto the sofa and drape it over the back and front.
  • Pull them taut and smooth them in place
  • Leave enough fabric hanging at the back if you have a couch exposed from behind
  • Tuck the fabric into the crevices of the couch near the back, seat, and the arm
  • Rearrange the front, back and sides
  • Pin the areas you want to foldfor a smooth appearance
  • Cut L-shaped drywall edging material long enough to fit the length of the sofa
  • Fold, twist or miter the extra fabric
  • Replace the pinned areas with hook-and-loop tape and staple if necessary.

And you are done!


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