Important Factors to Consider While Choosing a Color for Your Room

Choosing the right color for your room is quite an exciting yet challenging step in your home refurbishment process. You need to choose from a plethora of fascinating colors. As per, colors could dramatically transform the interior design, mood, and overall aesthetic ambiance of your room. Your room could end up making a statement when you use splashes of vibrant colors or your room could reflect your cool personality when painted in muted and soft color tones. Painting is undoubted the most affordable and simplest way of revamping your home interior design and décor. However, you need to consider a few factors before you start the painting job and choose a new shade for your room.


Determine if your room is getting a lot of natural light or is it not getting that much natural light. The color of the paint may look different depending on the amount of natural light streaming into your room. Dark colors could look cozy and may appear with a touch of elegance in the presence of ample natural light but in rooms that have access to very little natural light, dark colors would look claustrophobic and drab. It is best to seek the recommendations of a painting specialist like malerfirmaet Staubo for professional advice and best results.

Adjacent Rooms

These days modern interior decoration is focusing on open-concept layouts and you find rooms are flowing into another. The lines of demarcation between rooms are getting fainter by the day. If an arch or a half wall or some kind of framing exists to technically demarcate the spaces, you would be puzzled as to whether to paint both the spaces with the same color scheme or to use complementary color tones that are just right for the adjacent room. If you decide to use a single color for both the spaces, be sure that the color complements and makes sense in the overall color story of your house. Or else, the entire space could look out of place and disjointed.

Room Size

The room size is an important determinant of the color to be used in the room. You don’t need to stick to white in case your room is small. White does help in creating a touch of airiness but many modern interior décor experts feel that you could use dark colors to accentuate a small cozy space. You simply need to focus on blending the edges and camouflaging that it is a small space. Lighter tones boost a sense of openness and dark hues in large rooms may help in drawing the room in thus, making it appear cozy and smaller.

All Your Furnishings

You must consider the existing furnishings before painting your room.  You need to choose a color scheme that correlates and complements the furnishings that already exist in the room. You may not have to use the same color tones instead you may use contrasting colors for the room and the furnishings. 


In the end, you may choose the color you like best for your room. Ultimately, it is your room and it must reflect your choice and your personality. Nothing else should matter. You must feel cheerful and cozy in your room.


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