4 Tips for Choosing a Trusted Duct Cleaning Company


So, you need duct cleaning in Melbourne. But how do you choose a trusted duct cleaning company? Ultimately, you want a company who does a thorough and high-quality clean, and who knows their way around your ducts. But how do you find such a company? This article will share four tips for choosing a trusted company for duct cleaning in Melbourne

 Ask Friends and Family

When it comes to recommendations, the first place to enquire is with your friends and family. Ask them if they’ve recently hired someone for duct cleaning in Melbourne, and what the results were. Would they recommend the company they opted for? What were the tangible benefits? Friends and family are a great place to start looking for recommendations, as they know and like you, meaning they’ll want to give you a good, trusted recommendation. 

 Ask Business Associates

This might seem like a strange place to start asking for recommendations, but if you stick with colleagues or contemporaries that you’ve known for years, it will be a safe bet. Don’t be afraid to ask long time business associates if they’ve ever organised duct cleaning in Melbourne, and if there’s any particular company they would recommend. Business associates usually try to help each other out to build good will, so if they can help you out, it’s likely that they will. 

 Search Online

If you don’t personally know anyone who has used duct cleaning in Melbourne and can give you a trusted recommendation, then you may need to search online. Just type in “duct cleaning in Melbourne” and all kinds of company listings will show up on your screen. Next, read through online reviews of each company to verify whether they‘re a trusted choice. It’s very useful to find out what past clients thought of a company in unbiased reviews online so you don’t get stung by an unprincipled business. 

Look on Third Party Business Listing Sites

There are some sites that list service companies including tradies and other professional businesses to help make your life easier. By signing up to these websites, you can gain access to a range of local businesses in your area, including companies for duct cleaning in Melbourne. As always, look up any company you’re thinking of choosing on a review site to ensure they’re reputable and credible. 


When you’re looking to choose a trusted duct company, it pays to be methodical and start asking people you know for recommendations first, such as friends and family. They’re likely to give you an honest review because they care about you. Similarly, long-time business associates that you have a deep rapport with should be more than happy to tell you if they’ve ever had duct cleaning in Melbourne done and which company they went with. If you don’t know anyone who has had organised duct cleaning, conducting online searches and looking on business listing sites can be useful for finding local operators of duct cleaning in Melbourne. Don’t forget to check their reviews!

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