Best places to buy property in Roatan

Roatan is a beautiful island in Honduras with beautiful white sand and sparkling water. This is the main reason for the popularity of this island from the past decade. It is the best destination island to attract the tourists for holidays. It has a beautiful location with diving sites. Investing in Roatan real estate is much easier than any other place. Buying property here is much more affordable. If you are thinking of buying property in Roatan but have confusion about which is best to invest in, here are some best places in Roatan to invest in real estate.

Lawson rock

It is located in western side of the Roatan in Sandy Bay. Lawson rock is the most beautiful island in Roatan with beautiful beaches. It has the best selection property, beach hotels and perfect for building your own property. There is a 24/7 security and parking available for the residents. It also has the best selection of clubs, shops and restaurants. 

Palmetto Bay

It is located in the southwest part of Pristine bay in Roatan. Palmetto Bay is surrounded by a beautiful beach and shore with a diving centre for the divers. Water here is perfect for hosting water sports like surfing, fishing, etc. Palmetto Bay has beautiful property near the beaches. Buying property is also very affordable and offers good value for the property.  

West Bay

It is located in the southwest region of Roatan. This area is popular for the white sands beach and calm waters which are perfect for diving, fishing or snorkeling. It has the second longest reef in the world. It is a very quiet place with bars and restaurants a few minutes away. It has the beautiful properties which are best for your dream house. It offers beachfront land with beautiful scenery with high security and other facilities. It is the best and affordable place for investing in real estate for a dream house.

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