Christmas Hamper Gift Basket Ideas for 2020

Christmas is finally around the corner, after a roller coaster of a year and though we are not out of the woods yet, most people are breathing a sigh of relief with the year’s end in sight. Coming from the cold grip of the COVID-19 pandemic that forced loved ones to stay apart, gift hamper ideas are a sentimental way to show appreciation and create happy memories, which we cannot take for granted.

Getting the Perfect Gift

In a world of endless possibilities, it can be difficult to find the perfect gift. Picking a thoughtful gift does not have to be a headache with the tips below:

Plan early

Planning for a gift choice earlier will give you enough time to do some window shopping and find an item that your recipient will find useful.

Think about the receiver’s personality

A person’s personality greatly determines how they perceive things, including gifts. For example, a teetotaler might not fancy alcohol-themed gifts.

Have a budget

Having a budget will help you make realistic choices and guide your spending.


Your presentation can make or break your gift. Attractively packaged gift hampers are more likely to leave an impression on your recipient. Poorly packed hampers might make your gift seem like an afterthought.

Hampers are thoughtful ways to package your gifts, more so for spreading some Christmas warmth. Here are a few gift basket ideas to get you started on your festive season gift plans.

Spa Gift Hampers

Spa items are always a welcome gift, offering relaxation and much-needed pampering at the end of a busy day. It is easy to select spa items for your DIY hamper and you can’t go wrong with scented candles, clay face masks, bath salts, pumice stone, lip balm, a spa towel and body butter. A woven basket, adorned with colourful ribbons, is ideal for showcasing your package. Alternatively, you can source spa gift hampers from gift shops.

Wine Gift Hampers

Wine gift hampers never go out of style and fit just about every occasion. A little wine goes a long way to create a jolly Christmas evening after an event filled day with family and friends. Wine hampers are easy to customize and can be paired with a wide range of items for a perfect combination. Wine bottles can be paired with classy wine glasses, a unique corkscrew, an assortment of candy or chocolates and a bouquet of flowers. You can find reasonably priced wine gift baskets at Hamper Creations and have your order delivered at your doorstep all over Australia.

Christmas Cookie Hampers

Christmas is a time to let loose and a few extra calories won’t hurt.An assortment of freshly bakedcookies can be customized to include special messages for your beloved recipients. A well-packaged basket of fragrant and tasty cookies will add a dose of sweetness and energy to the festivities. The options are limitless for your cookie hampers, from oatmeal raisin for a healthier treat to macarons, shortbread, biscotti, gingerbread and sugar cookies.

Gourmet Chocolate Hampers

Fine gourmet chocolate is always a classic and timeless gift item for all occasions and festivities and a favourite for many. Chocolate is available in great variety to suit just about any personality. This delicacy can also be drizzled on everyday food items like cashews, strawberries, pineapple slices or even doughnuts for a touch of luxury. Alcohol infused chocolate is a great treat to delude your adult recipients with a false buzzand make your hamper memorable.

Beer and Cheese Hampers

Beer and cheese hampers are one reason why Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year. Frothy carbonated beers and rich cheeses surprisingly make a great combination when paired skillfully. Mature flavour filled cheeses pair perfectly with heavy beers like lager and stout, while a mild cheese is best paired with a mild beer to avoid stifling the flavour. Your hamper will be the talk of the season from your cheese and beer-loving friends and family members.

Coffee Lovers Hampers

Caffeine is the world’s most consumed stimulant, and most households have a reserved space for their coffee items in the pantry. A coffee gift basket is easy to personalize to suit your recipient’s needs, whether they are enthusiastic about coffee or casual coffee drinkers. Your typical coffee hamper can comprise an assortment of items, including an affordable coffee brewer, a classy coffee mug, accompaniments like cookies and a coffee subscription for timely supply of fresh coffee.

Dried Fruit and Nut Gift Basket

Dried fruits and nuts are healthy snacks with little or no added sugar and are ideal for making an impression on people on a strict diet, including diabetics. Great dried fruit choices for a perfect hamper include mangoes, apricots, peaches, pears, apples, dates, kiwi, prunes, and plums. Roasted nuts add crunchiness and an earthy flavour that pairs perfectly with the fruit.The best nut varieties to pair with dried fruit include pistachios, almonds, cashews, walnuts and pecans.

Choice Meat Gift Baskets

Barbecue Gift Basket

Grillers add flavour to family gatherings and sunny afternoons and deserve to be rewarded, especially if you want to keep enjoying their mouthwatering treats without much prodding. There are tons of barbecue hampers to choose and picking one should not be a problem. Your barbecue basket can be filled with items like their favourite barbecue source, prime cuts of marinated meat,an assortment of meat products, grilling tools, and seasoning products. This hamper will inspire your grill master to prepare a Christmas barbecue worth remembering.

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