4 Signs Your HVAC Needs Replacement

Your home’s heating and cooling systems are key for keeping your family comfortable all year long. Whether you recently traded online rental applications for a mortgage or have owned a home for decades, it’s always important to brush up on HVAC maintenance. As winter approaches, you have the perfect opportunity to check on these units before the weather cools down. During your inspection, you might find that the systems are not working as they once did.

So, how do you know if it’s time to replace them?

By looking for some telltale signs, you can confirm that you need to trade in your faulty unit for an updated model.

Your units are more than 10 years old


While the true lifespan of your units will depend on the quality of the model and how much you use it, many contractors recommend replacing these systems about every 10 years. In some cases, your air conditioner and furnace will be able to work efficiently for up to 15 years, but it’s important to schedule a thorough inspection around the 10-year mark.

This is because even when your HVAC units are still running after more than a decade, they may not be working as well as they could. This only wastes energy and puts a dent in your wallet. Once you upgrade, you can enjoy another 10 to 15 years in a comfortable home.

Repairs are getting more frequent


Some homeowners will opt to patch up their furnace or air conditioner whenever it exhibits a mechanical issue. However, this approach can be a significant money waster. Once you start ordering repairs more frequently, remember that a new unit can save you money in the long run. The next time you schedule a repair, talk to the contractor about whether replacement is the best choice for your home and budget. This HVAC professional can recommend affordable air conditioning & heating units that can stand the test of time.


Your energy bills are spiking


Energy efficiency is one of the most important factors to consider when assessing your HVAC systems. If you notice that your energy bills are increasing, your heating and cooling units may be to blame. This could mean that the units are using more energy to function or the duct system has a leak. An HVAC professional can determine whether a simple repair or a full replacement is necessary.

If they do recommend replacing your systems, talk to them about upgrading to more energy efficient models. This can lower the number on your energy bills and your impact on the environment.


Something smells or sounds strange


In addition to draining your finances, your HVAC units may also be filling your home with unusual sounds and smells. If your heating or cooling system sounds louder than usual or is making any clanging or grinding sounds, call a professional as soon as possible. You should also alert an HVAC company if you notice any foul smells coming from the vents. If you smell gas, seek emergency help and get out of your home until the problem is addressed.

Once a professional confirms that the sounds or smells are due to an issue in your unit, it’s likely best to schedule replacement. You should set up an annual maintenance schedule to help your new unit last as long as possible.

By working with a qualified HVAC company and replacing your units when necessary, you can keep your family as comfortable as possible. With the right units, you won’t have to trade energy savings for price. Talk to an HVAC professional about budget-friendly units and how you can properly maintain them for maximum efficiency.

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