Types of Spanish Properties For Sale

Spain offers a variety of properties. From country mansions set in large tracts of land to small holiday apartments. Every region has its type of property like a Pazo and Cortijo. Recently, purchase of these properties has become very popular more so to foreigners.


Here is a list of types of property that you will not miss in Spain.


1. Apartments

Nowadays, the largest proportion of Spaniards live in apartments which are particularly located in urban centers. Major resorts such Magaluf and Benidorm have been smothered with apartment blocks. Here they are specifically built for the holiday market. It is rare to identify a coastline in Spain without a set of apartments. Since the `70s there has been a good market for buyers. The quality and size vary, from spacious multi-story buildings to small apartments.

2. Villas

In cities, it is very rare to find a detached house. If you find one by luck, it is a mansion or a palace belonging to an influential family. Detached houses are commonly found along the coastline. However, these villas are owned by foreigners or rich individuals. Some villas are situated on small individual plots, and they often share communal gardens as well as pools. See examples at Villamartin properties for sale.

New properties have excellent quality while old properties are in poor conditions as they have been in use since the `60s. If you happen to purchase a villa that belongs to a certain community, you will be required to abide by the laws guiding that society.

3. Urbanizations

They are estates or development like villas as well as apartments. Most parts in Spain are occupied by such structures. In short, they form a very important part of Spanish cities and resorts. Though some are relatively small, there are also huge complexes. Many urbanizations contain a mixture of apartment blocks and single detached houses.

Some urbanizations may have extensive facilities like sports hub while others may have as little as a local bar. In most cases, many urbanizations are occupied by foreigners while other cater for different nationalities.

4. Country properties

Since the coastal areas and resorts are crowded, foreigners are busily looking for lands far away in the Spanish countryside. Properties here are generally cheaper than resorts properties except in areas in the original coastal resorts. Nearly every Fincas come with large tracts of land which may include an orchard. It is important to renovate if you have not purchased an already modernized property. Here are a few advantages of countryside properties. 

Cheap to purchase.

Low local taxes.

Great opportunity to live in actual Spain.

Added peace and quietness.

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