4 Different Types of Roof and Their Advantages 

A roof is among the most important features of a building or home. Therefore, it is important to install it after careful thought and planning – after all, the roof adds value to your home and is the first line of defense against hail and wind damage. So it is not something that you should rush or ‘cheap out’. 

There are different roofing options on the market that vary in terms of material, shape, value and durability. The job of a roofer is to carefully analyze your roof, your needs, and make an informed decision as to which roof is best suited for the job and then to advise you accordingly. You can find contractors by searching for ‘roof replacement near me’ in Google. 

Factors like weather conditions, energy saving, aesthetic choice, and budget determine what type of roof should be installed. This article talks about 4 different types of roofs and their advantages, so you can make an informed decision next time you opt for a new roof. 

Asphalt Shingle Roofing

This is the most common type of roofing. It is very popular among homeowners. The shingles have a strong base made of either fiberglass or asphalt. Then granules are added to increase robustness and introduce color. The reason for its popularity is the low price and reasonable durability. Depending on quality, these roofs can last from 20 to 50 years. An extra layer is added in some asphalt shingles to make them more aesthetically pleasing. 


  • Its average per square cost is in the range of £1.4 to £4.5, with the more aesthetic ones being around £20. These are some of the most affordable prices on the market.
  • It is very convenient and simple to install. Therefore, its installation cost is also usually low. 
  • The materials can easily be found in most home construction stores. 
  • This product is highly fire-resistant. Its fire-resistance rating is Class A, which means it can tolerate fires for up to 2 hours. However, it should be noted that there are other materials out there that offer better fire protection.

Metal Roofing

For a long time, metal roofing was considered strictly a practical choice without any emphasis on aesthetic. It came in corrugated sheets and was mostly used to cover temporary sheds. However, these days metal roofs can be used for a variety of architectural designs. This has been made possible by more diversity of the material. 

Metal roofs can be bought in steel, copper or aluminum. Using anti-rust coating and paint jobs, the sheet can be given a very attractive finish. A metal roof can last you around 40 to 80 years. 


  • Metal roofs come in numerous styles and a huge number of colors. This offers you a great chance to customize. 
  • The added anti-rusting coating and paint job contributes to its long life. Metal roofs have good life spans that average around 60 years.
  • Due to its robustness, it can improve the resale value of your house. 
  • You should consider it if you’re living in an area prone to forest fires. 

Wooden Roofing

Although its life span may be on the lower end of this list, wooden roofing is among the oldest methods of roofing. For centuries, people have used logs/panels of wood to make their houses. These days, we mostly use composite wood or hardwood to make roofs of various structures. If the weather conditions remain normal, a wooden roof can last you around 30 years. 


  • It should be the number one choice for people looking for biophilic designs. It is great for having a natural aesthetic in your home. 
  • Similarly, for people concerned about the environment, wooden roofs are great options. It doesn’t get any more au naturel than this. 
  • In some weather conditions and climates, a wooden roof can last you longer than asphalt shingles. 
  • Certain wood materials like cedar can be ideal candidates for light-weight roofs. Such roofs are great for structural stability and can reduce your construction costs. 
Tile Roofing

This is the most durable option in the list. Tiles come in a variety of materials such as concrete, slate and clay. Depending on the material, the roof’s life duration can change. However, on average a tile roof is expected to last you 100 years. 


  • They are great for insulation. Installing them can help you greatly reduce your energy spending. This is a unique advantage. With most other roofs, you have to install some sort of weather shield. 
  • Tiles are the best option for fire resistance. Both clay and concrete have extremely high fire tolerance.
  • Because of the molding capabilities of the materials, these roofs come in a range of designs. This will allow you to have a unique aesthetic.  

So there you have it. We have discussed 4 different types of roof and their advantages. Remember if you ever need roofers in Mansfield Texas, get in touch. 


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