Tips for Cleaning Your Home Once the Exterminator’s Gone

Getting the exterminator in is one of those household tasks that we just need to do every now and then. Whether you live in a state filled with critters like Florida or you have an infestation you want rid of, an exterminator can be a great help. Once they are gone, you may be tempted to start cleaning immediately. However, you need to make sure you are not going to disrupt any work they will have done. Here are some tips to help you know how best to clean after an exterminator has visited.

Prep Well

One of the best things you can do is prep your home the morning before the exterminator arrives. It is up to you how much you want to clean; your usually daily clean should be enough. However, you need to also think about deep cleaning any area with food, like your kitchen.

This is no doubt one of the primary areas where you are having pest problems. Make sure you clean away any food residues and dirt or debris that might be in here. Not only will it help to alleviate the problem after but it also means that the exterminator has a clean area to work with, meaning the treatment has a higher rate of success.

Follow the Exterminator’s Advice

While the temptation to grab your cloth and spray might be high, you need to pay attention to what your exterminator tells you. Whether you have hired a West Palm Beach exterminator for your Floridian home or you have hired another local close to you, they are going to be professionals.

They will give you some follow-up care and instructions you can follow. Depending on the infestation levels, you may not even begin to clean for up to five days after the exterminator has been. Cleaning too soon will result in an ineffective treatment overall and could cause you to lose more money if the infestation returns.

Deep Clean

Once you have been given the full go-ahead to clean, you need to clean like you never had before. Everything should be mopped and cleaned to the best of your abilities. Items that have been left out will either need to be deep-cleaned or completely thrown away.

Any soft furnishings should have been covered before the exterminator arrived, but you may also want to steam clean everything to ensure that it is indeed clean. As an absolute minimum, you should wash all bedding and cushions, and steam clean your carpets and mattresses. Don’t forget about small things like light fixtures and electrical outlets; they are all going to need a wipe down.

With the right cleaning before and after, any visit from an exterminator should go past in a flash. Make sure you pay close attention to the advice they give you. They are the professionals, and they should be able to let you know what is best for your home. Hopefully, their visit will pass in a flash and you can go back to enjoying a pest-free home!


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