4 Design Updates for Your Home This Spring

If you are like us, every season, you get an itch to update something in your home. It can be as simple as rearranging some furniture and adding a few new accessories, or as bold as ripping out your kitchen and starting over from scratch.

That is the beauty of having a home; it can continuously be adjusted and reinterpreted to suit the needs of your life.

If you are looking for some medium-size projects over the next few months, here are four design updates to consider for your home this spring.

1. Add additional practicality to your stairs

Staircases are one of the most overlooked aspects of home design, as they can easily be transformed into something much more than just a way to move between levels.

With some creative thinking and help from experts at an interior fit-out company, you can remodel your stairs into an appealing yet utilitarian focal area of your home.

For example, you could transform the area underneath into shelves or another form of storage solution. Alternatively, depending on the amount of space beneath them, you could conceive a work area, library or another cranny.

2. Upgrade your bedroom’s window treatments

There is nothing that affects the energy of a room more than what is hanging at the windows. Especially in a bedroom, window treatments play a significant part in composing the overall aesthetics of the room.

For this reason, you want to make sure you are working with a window treatment that is right for the space. Whether you wish for greater control over how much light comes in, necessitate an increased degree of privacy, or want something lighter for spring, there is a window treatment on the market for you.

Here are four of the most common window treatments:

  1. Curtains: Undoubtedly the most common type of window treatment, curtains are an obvious choice around many parts of the world as you can purchase them in a wide array of colors, styles and patterns.

They are useful for blocking light when closed and for keeping rooms warm during cold weather. However, you may want to opt to change them out during the spring/summer months.

  1. Drapes: Heavier than curtains, drapes come in more luxurious fabrics and tend to look more formal. Generally, drapes come lined, pleated, and hung on a rod. For an older-style home, drapes can look beautiful.
  1. Sheers: The lightest in the range of curtains, sheers don’t tend to block out any sunlight or deliver much privacy. However, they can make a bedroom feel sunny and open.
  1. Blinds: A fantastic choice for bedrooms, blinds will keep your room dark while they are closed and will always grant privacy. However, because you can open and close them in small amounts, you can have more control over the amount of light you let in.

3. Add bespoke lighting to your dining room

One of 2018’s most significant design trends is bespoke lighting (lighting that is custom-designed to the specifications of a client).

Restaurants all around the globe are using this style of lighting to ensure their spaces remain appealing, and now homeowners have jumped on board as well.

Having a light and bright dining space is essential, even if you aren’t continually serving other people who are obsessively taking photos for Instagram. Not only does proper lighting make you look good while sitting at the table, but it also makes the dining experience more comfortable and appealing.

While natural light is always preferred, the next best thing is a lighting setup that is designed especially for your space. Features such as individual remote controls and dimming and color options can also be considered.

If you aren’t looking to replace your lights, but do want to brighten up your eating area, consider hanging bright wall coverings or accent mirrors. And ensure the walls are painted in a lighter color palette.

For these types of projects — ones that include concepts — working with an interior company is crucial for brainstorming the best ways to utilize your space.

4. Paint your home office according to color theory

As your memory is loaded with color, the shades you surround yourself with can have a significant impact on your brain. Some colors can instantly make you feel happier, while other shades can make you solely want to relax, and everything in between.

If you work from home, consider updating your walls to a color that is more likely to keep you working at your peak performance.

For example:

  • Green is often recommended for rooms with a lot of computers and where brainstorming takes place  
  • Generally, white is desirable for creative spaces with a lot of people
  • Blue is suitable for brainstorming spaces and detail-oriented spaces
  • Red is helpful in offices where people work at night

Are you looking to do any home updates this season? What would be your dream project? Let us know in the comments below!


Shane Curran

CEO at Interact Group LLC

Interact Group is a design-led interior fit out company that aims to set new standards in the UAE interiors market. Driven by their dedication to total customer experience, the company’s mission is to bring truly specialized teams to complex design and fit out challenges, utilizing their unmatched ability to deliver spaces efficiently and above expectation.

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