How to Use A Mantel Shelf In Creative Ways?

Who said you need to install a fireplace in your home if you want to enjoy a mantel shelf? Floating shelves have always been a part of a modern and contemporary home décor lately. They are also flexible in design as well as functioning. These mantel shelves can be used in any space in your home— for storage, or to display showpieces, you name it. If you are looking out for some ideas regarding the same, have a read below.

  1. In the entryway

This piece of architecture makes the first impression when the guests can make an entry into the house. It is the space in your house that doesn’t seem so cluttered. In winters, bulky coat stands are a good idea, however, as the summer approaches, they begin to take up some space. Some varieties available on Omega Mantels are specifically slim, streamlined, and they easily complement your entryway, and what is better is, they help in saving precious space at the same time. There are multiple wooden options available on the website that gives a feature to paint, to add the peppiness to your home décor and making sure that your home does leave a lasting impression on your guests.

  1. In the study

You can also make your bookshelf a mantel shelf, if you want to make the best use of the natural wall textures by covering it up with a heavy freestanding bookshelf. Aim for creating a relaxing and soothing vibe in your room by changing many mantel shelves along your wall, then put one or two cozy armchairs to create an amazing study look.

  1. In the bedroom

To match the mantel shelves with the pre-existing furniture, you can also choose to install these pieces in your bedroom. Let go of the end tables or coffee tables to add a modern look to your favorite room in the entire house by hanging them adjacent to your bed. You can also choose to install them anywhere in your bedroom where you want to showcase pictures or your favorite trinkets.

  1. In the bathroom

Let’s admit it, those bulky cabinets take up a lot of space in our bathrooms. Let them go by installing mantel shelves instead. They are quite lightweight and versatile in nature, there are many natural cast stone varieties available on the website to complement with the décor in style. Once the shelf is installed, you can put spare towels, wicker baskets or other elements on the top of it. You can also store your toiletries on it in a stylish way.

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