Tips to Help Pick the Best Office Chair

Searching for the best office chairs that do not only meets your requirements but also within your business budget is sure an investment in the health and productivity of your employees. This is the major reason why many business owners have chosen to get their chairs from quality online stores like for the best. professionals have given advise on what makes an ideal office chair and you’ll learn of these tips as you read on.

Good Office Chair Have a Full Back

An ideal office chair is one that promotes productivity and reduces lost hours due to injury. The last thing you want to worry about while working or sitting is your lower back. So, ensure to get office chairs with full backs.

Ideal Office Chairs Have Waterfall Seats

Concluded by the University of Pittsburgh, the best office chairs should “have a seat pan with a waterfall front that prevents the seat from catching you behind the knees. The pan should also have contours that allow even distribution of weight and most importantly, must be comfy to sit on.

Comfortable Joints at 90-degree Angles

One of the common signs that your office chair isn’t right for you is if your hips, angles and ankles are not comfortably placed at 90 degrees. If your hips are not making an angle of 90 degrees then it is either the chair is too tall or short for you. This also goes for your knees and ankles. It is ideal hat all joints stay at 90 degrees.

The Chair Should Be Adjustable

An ideal office chair must be adjustable in all direction and in the essential places. It must be adjustable up and down, and also tilt side to side. This feature is imperative to help you achieve the proper sitting posture especially if you’re sitting for long hours. Furthermore, an ideal office chair must be easily adjustable without the aid of tools. Always ask the vendor for a demonstration or try adjusting it yourself before purchasing.

Backrest Must Fit

If the seat pan is to large or maybe the seat is too high even when the chair has a backrest with lumbar support, you may still be experiencing back pains due to static loading because you may not be able to take full advantage of the backrest. Most people respond to this by sitting forward rather than against the backrest so their feet can be placed on the ground. Ensure that the backrest fits you properly.

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