Your Checklist for Moving House

Moving day is always filled with anxiety and excitement. The time leading up to the move can be filled with stress, thinking about all of the things that need to be accomplished before you close that door for the very last time. A simple but comprehensive moving checklist can be just the thing to keep your move on track.

Find a removalist service. Before you begin packing, it’s wise to look through all your belongings. What’s going with you? What are you getting rid of? This will help you understand if you need to hire a removalist service to help with your move. Plan ahead and book these services early, up to 6 to 8 weeks before your move, as they fill up weeks in advance.  

Arrange car transport. If you’re moving a long distance, don’t forget to consider transportation for additional vehicles. Often, your removalist service can help with this task.

Collect boxes for packing. Start collecting boxes early. You will need more than you realize. If there are rooms you can start packing ahead of the move, you can start filling these boxes.

Call the utilities. Get the utilities in your new home connected, and let utility companies know when to disconnect the old home. Pay any other outstanding bills that are associated with the old home. 

Contact the postal service. Redirect your mail and cancel any subscriptions that need to be cancelled. Take this time to redirect any monthly or weekly deliveries you are continuing to expect. 

Consider pets and kids. How are your pets getting to the new location? What will your young children do while you are unloading the truck and unpacking? Consider your options ahead of time so you are not scrambling at the last minute.

Arrange a cleaner. If you are a property renter, you will often have the option to either clean the home yourself or hire a cleaner to come in and take care of the details. There are cleaners that specialize in cleaning rental properties and they can ensure you get your deposit back. Schedule them 6 to 8 weeks in advance if you can.
Start packing. Start packing all non-essentials 2 weeks to a month before your move. Picture albums, storage rooms, decorations, and other objects can be packed early. As the day gets closer, start packing dishes, clothing, and other items that you can get by without for a few days. Labelling each box will help you find your prized possessions when you get to your new home. 

Moving day does not have to be stressful and filled with anxiety. If you plan ahead, remain focused, and have a checklist with items that need to be done, you can take the tension out of prepping and moving. If you’re looking for help with your move, a professional removalist can help you through all stages of your move, so you can free up your time for other tasks at hand.

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