15 Great Holiday Decoration Ideas For Your Mobile Home

One of the great things about the holiday season is being able to decorate your home and spend time with your loved ones. This is especially true for people who are living in places with less square footage. Thus, regardless of whether you lived in apartments, townhouses, or mobile homes for rent and manufactured homes for purchase. Looking specifically at mobile or manufactured residences, there is a wide variety of things that can be done to bring a little holiday cheer to this particular style of living. In fact, here are 15 great holiday decorating ideas for your mobile home that you can take advantage of today.

Season’s Greetings and Exterior Décor

Since most mobile or manufactured homes have limited square footage on the inside, one of the best ways to be able to decorate your mobile residence is to make use of its exterior. In this sense, a manufactured residence is no different than a traditional stick-built home; thus, you can string some lights, add a few lawn decals, and get as festive as you would like.

Create A Festive Holiday Porch

In addition to hanging lights and adding lawn decals, you should consider creating a holiday porch. Here, you can put just about anything that is festive and bright. For instance, you can purchase porch light covers for practically every holiday. In addition to hanging some string light and a touch of greenery for a charming seasonal vibe, then layer in some lanterns and luminaries to light up a path.

Dress Up an Outside Tree

If you are celebrating Christmas, and you have ample room on your front lawn, then why not put the tree outside this year? You can dress up evergreens on the property or add an artificial tree with all the trimmings to your mobile home’s front yard.

Get Crafty and Make Your Own Decorations

After making the outside of your home everything and more, next, you can make a handful of DIY decorations for inside your mobile or manufactured home. This is a fun idea that will not only save you money but can also be an easy way to get the whole family involved in the process.

Add Some Decorative Lighting

Yet another festive idea is to invest in some decorative lights. Much like the holiday porch light covers, you can find decorative lights for every season, so do not be afraid to purchase lights for both indoors and out.

Spruce Up Your Throw Pillows With a Little Holiday Cheer

If you are looking for quick and inexpensive holiday décor, then look no further than decorative pillow covers. For roughly $12, you can have holiday pillows in an instant. Small details tend to make the largest impact with manufactured home holiday decor. Finally, pillow covers are where it is as opposed to new pillows for clear storage reasons–here, when the holidays are over, you can switch out the pillow covers and store them away until next year.

Holiday-Themed Entryway

Similar to a festive porch, you can add a holiday touch to your mobile or manufactured residence’s entryway. You purchased holiday plants, add some decorative clings to the wall, and even wrap up closet doors or storage with wrapping paper if you are celebrating the gift-giving season. The entryway to your manufactured or mobile home is also a great spot for your Christmas or holiday tree, a nativity scene, and more.

Mobilize Your Tree

Speaking of an indoor holiday tree, one fun way to make sure your Christmas tree is everywhere it needs to be all month long is to mobilize your tree. What’s more, you can get creative here and put a slightly large tabletop tree or 3-4 foot tree in a kid’s wagon or DIY a Christmas train, so you can easily move your tree from the front of your home to the corner of the dinette space to the middle of your living space the closer it gets to Christmas.

Make Use of Wrapping Paper and Garland

Here you can wrap doors, add a little holiday cheer to some paneling, and wrap the garland around kitchen barstools, and more. In fact, for roughly $12, you can turn any wrapping paper into removal wallpaper—all you need is a roll of double-sided tape, wrapping paper, and some scissors.

Place Setting Décor Opportunities

You can also add some holiday décor to table place settings. In fact, “tablescaping” or table decorating is a real thing and definitely something worth considering if you do not have a lot of room for outlandish holiday decorations. You can go for a balanced and relaxed look, something more formal, mix prints, make it non-denominational, layer, add holiday ornaments, and so much more.

Add Some Holiday Décor to Furniture and Accent Pieces

The same is true when it comes to your furniture and accent pieces in your mobile or manufactured home.

Greet the Seasons with a Felt Board Messages 

A fun way to demonstrate your holiday cheer is to pull out the old felt board signs and create a “Merry Christmas” Or “Happy Holidays” sign. If you do not celebrate Christmas or want to showcase something more personalized like, say, baby’s first Christmas, then go to town—your felt board message can be whatever your heart desires.

Holiday Rug for Indoors or Outdoors

Another fun yet practical way to show off this holiday season is with an outdoor or indoor (or both) doormat.

Hang Festive Stockings

For many people, it is officially Christmas season when the stockings go up on the wall or over the mantle. You can add stockings to any surface; all you need is a command hook or two, and you can deck the halls. Other great places to hang your holiday stocking include over the fireplace, on the wall, and on the tree. Note, an unlikely place for stockings that works so well is a simple coat rack. Here, hanging your stockings can be easy and requires no real effort. You can also hang your stockings from a curtain rod.

Hang Your Wreaths

The nice thing about holiday wreaths is you can hang them just about anywhere. In other words, you are not restricted to only your doors. You can hang wreaths throughout your mobile or manufactured residence—in the foyer, main living space, kitchen, the dining area, and even above your bed. Also, if you have any outdoor storages or sheds on your property, this is another excellent space for holiday wreaths.

Do Not Neglect Your Mobile Home Windows

Last but not least, our bonus holiday decoration tip for your mobile or manufactured home is to utilize your mobile residence’s windows. You can add festive clings, spray artificial snow on them, hang more lights or signs, and so on. Really, here the possibilities are endless. A few notable window décor ideas include hanging Christmas or holiday cards, ornaments, lightweight banners, paper lights, and holiday tassels. You can also go outside and add a few decorative boxes in order to give your mobile or manufactured home a more cozy and festive feel.

Take Away

Ultimately, these are just a few things you can do this holiday season to spruce up your manufactured or mobile residence for the holidays. Thus, if you are looking for even more great ideas, then you should also check out more tips online. Finally, you can also visit home décor-lovers sites like Pinterest for hundreds of holiday decorating ideas for your mobile or manufactured home and any space in general.


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