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Everything from the kitchen stove to the home’s furnace uses the heating oil or kerosene Yorkshire residents depend on. While the daily use might not amount to much, the total consumption is more than enough to drain a home’s budget. While sitting in the cold is too much to ask, there are certain changes every Yorkshire homeowner can make to significantly reduce their total fuel consumption.

Follow these simple tips and save on your heating oil Yorkshire home expenses:

#1: Adjust The Thermostat

Simply adjusting the thermostat to maintain an 18 degree Celsius temperature or lower is a great way to reduce the home’s fuel consumption. At this temperature, the home will remain comfortable without using too much fuel for heat.

#2: Proper Insulation

Many homes can save a lot of money on energy bills by investing in proper insulation. With correct insulation, heat cannot escape and cold air cannot enter the home. It is a self-sustaining method that will greatly reduce the heating bill.

#3: Replacing Old Windows And Doors

Windows and doors are the biggest sources of drafts inside the home. Regular repairs and replacement should be done to ensure they are tightly sealed.

#4: Reset Water Heater Temperature

The water heater consumes a lot of fuel, especially when it is running higher than necessary. Bring down the heat settings of the heater one or two degrees and you will see a drop of about 4% in your next energy bill.

#5: Kitchen Tips

Of course, heat is necessary inside the kitchen, but there are some ways to reduce fuel consumption without eating cold food. Keeping the oven door closed retains the heat, while cooking using a toaster for smaller dishes is a great way to prevent the excessive use of kerosene. Crockpots and slow cookers are also money-saving kitchen gadgets that everyone should have!

#6: Clean The Boiler Regularly

A boiler that is covered in soot isn’t very efficient and also uses up more oil than a clean boiler. To reduce unnecessary fuel consumption, be sure to get your boilers cleaned regularly. Once the boiler is cleaned, you will notice an increase in efficiency almost immediately.

#7: Buy Heating Oil Early

Heating oil Yorkshire residents rely on during the winter see a spike in price as soon as the cold sets in. To save money on the purchase, plan ahead and buy oil before the demand increases. Thinking ahead really pays off when you find yourself with added savings due to the pre-emptive purchase.

#8: Buy In Bulk

Another efficient way to save money without sacrificing your comfort is to buy the kerosene Yorkshire businesses offer in bulk. Many trusted family-run heating oil suppliers will gladly offer big discounts for loyal customers who choose to buy in bulk.

Prepare your home for the cold months by ensuring you have more than enough heating oil in stock. Store the kerosene reserves inside a safe tank especially made for storing oil. Stay warm and never run out of fuel again, buy heating oil, the proper additives, and other petroleum supplies today!
Solo Petroleum is one of the biggest suppliers of heating oil Yorkshire and kerosene Yorkshire tanks. Contact us for more info.

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