5 texture ideas to do with Wagner texture sprayer

Giving brilliant texture paint to your painting project with the help of the texture machines gives you one of the better and quicker results. Using a Wagner texture paint sprayer benefits your walls by adding creative features that enhances your home’s interior and insights. When you coat your walls with some exceptional textured paints, its durability resists it from heat, water, wind and ultraviolet rays of the sun. If you are bored from your plain walls and want to paint them with some textured paints through a paint sprayer, you can find some amazing ideas for a clean, durable, impressive and easy to clean textures.

  • Organize your work area

When it comes to painting or texturing walls can be a messy job. When you begin with the texture, you must cover your furniture’s, TV-sets, and other light fixtures to keep it safe from the paints. On the other hand, you can just remove them and re-fix them once you finish the clean-up session.  

  • Mix the texture material

Texturing materials are compounded in either the form of powder or a pre-mixed product. Adding water to the powdered texture needs to be mixed thoroughly in a 5-gallon pail to get all the lumps out. You require getting a perfect consistency that must be thin enough to get pourable and must stay stiff on the drywall. If while using a Wagner Texture paint sprayer make it rather thick in consistency.

  • Unique Sprayer Texture

If you are using the sprayer for the first time, you must go through the manual given by the manufacturers. After your sprayer is ready for a test you can take a piece of cardboard or wood to understand the speed and flow of the sprayer over the surface. Yet, when sprayed on the wall it gives a different effect.

  • Creating unique Surface textures

Soon later, you can execute some exceptional texturing techniques that give you a tremendous texture before which you require to cover the holes and the wall with mud. Using a drywall knife, blade, brush or sprayer began applying the paint. Let the wall dry and get stiffen; now you can use a drywall blade or knife to raise your textures. You can use anything to create textures that uplift your house interiors.

  • Creative matching texture similar to the initial one

Sometimes, you have an area where the texturing effect has a repair to cover. If you need to match with the original texture do a testing first and then with the help of your art. If you make a mistake, you can still remove it when it is wet and then began with the same texturing again.

Texturing your walls is a work of artists who have various ideas and knows the visual effect that can result in the end. With the help of the Wagner texture sprayer, you get an appreciated and cozy abode that warms a spectator’s eyes. Try some new texture ideas, when you easily understand the holding of the spray guns to form some exceptional textures.

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