Willing to relocate the tree – hire the professionals

Gone are the days when you had to cut down the tree because it has overgrown or was a threat to life or property. In Metro Detroit, people consider relocating the tree and planting it at another location of the tree is healthy. They cut down the tree only if it is diseases and cannot survive. Tree relocation or transplanting is not an easy task; it requires proper planning and several equipment and vehicle to carry the plant to its new location. To get the best things done safely, you can hire Tree Service Metro Detroit.

During the process, the trees are liable to suffer as they are removed from their position. They are likely to lose a big amount of their roots. Thus, you will have to put in efforts to grow the tree roots by providing it the needed soil nutrients and taking care of it.

When is the right time to move the tree?

The experts suggest not to move a tree when it is on full bloom. Early spring, late winter or fall is the best time to move as the all the leaves fall off and it is easy to carry and move the tree.

Process of transplantation

The process starts by digging the roots which is termed as root pruning. The trimming of roots should be done six months before so that new roots grow close to tree near the root ball. The experts know the process and they will do it carefully to ensure that the tree is perfectly planted at the new location.

For transplantation, you should tie the branches and stat digging a trench so that new roots can be captured. The whole should be deep enough to cut the soil ball at 45 degrees. Now, you can take the tree to a new location and place it in whole dug by you. Visit Travs Trees if you are interested in tree removal


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