Different Services offered by a Tree Removal Company

Trees help you to live a healthy life by providing fresh air. Most of the people plant trees in their home. They make your yard beautiful, add privacy, and provide shade to your home. In spite of many benefits, there are many threats as they can harm you and your family. You don’t have to worry about taking care of the trees as you can hire Tree Removal West Bloomfield MI. They offer several services. They will trim and prune the trees and if they are still a threat, they will remove them. They also remove the dead trees that can fell anytime.

Here are some other services that professionals provide to you.

Check storm damage risk

When trees become big they are risky for your home as a strong storm can make them fall. You need to take proper care of trees throughout the year to avoid damage in extreme weather conditions.

Tree disease treatment

Fungi are the main cause of tree disease which thrives in the summer and rainy season. Arborists inspect your yard properly and determine the health of soil and provide treatment by which tree’s condition will improve.

Tree pruning qnd trimming

Pruning relieves you from worries like appearance, structural integrity, tree risk and shape. Arborist inspect all the branches, trims weak branches and gives good looking shape. Their care services enhance the beauty of your yard.  

Tree Fertilizing

Trees require proper nutrition for healthy growth; they take nutrients from soils of your yard. Any type of condition such as root space infringement, drought, and compacted soil can lead to problems. Arborists inspect the health of the soil and overcome the shortage of nutrients.  

Insect treatment

Insects are more harmful for tree growth. They directly hit the tree leaves and roots. Arborists are trained to identify insect problem, they start the inspection from your yard and provide treatment to minimize the insect’s population.     

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