Why YOU Should Go Solar In 2018

Renewable energy is a boon for the environment and for property owners who want to save money on their energy bills, but those aren’t the only advantages to installing a solar power system. Solar panels are now one of the more common power upgrades that you can add to your home or business. No matter your reasons for converting to solar, you stand to benefit.

Lower Those Bills

Reducing utility bills is usually one of the top reasons why people go solar. You aren’t taking your electrical system off the grid, but you are bringing power into your home via those solar panels, rather than only through your city’s grid. The more you bring in through the panels, the less you have to use from the grid, and that means you spend less on that outside electricity. Your bills can still go up and down depending on your usage, rates, and how much solar power you can pull in (i.e., you’ll get more on a sunny day than on a cloudy day), but eventually, you’ll see a downward trend in your utility bill balance.

And by the way, yes, you can use solar power in cloudy regions. The panels rely on daylight, not on bright, sunny rays, to gather power. You could get more power on those bright days, of course, but your home won’t suddenly lose power if a cloud drifts by.

Increase Property Values

Planning to sell your home soon? The sight of solar panels could be a selling point. When prospective buyers see those panels, they’ll know that their electric bills will be a lot lower than in a non-solar home. You could find people bidding more for your house or find that you sell much more quickly than you expected.

Avoid Shortages and Spiraling Prices

Energy independence is a goal that everyone should work toward, and your solar panels allow you to reduce your reliance on imported power. Again, you may still draw some power from your city’s grid, but if you can reduce what you draw, you increase your ability to power your home without worrying too much about shortages. You’ll also protect yourself against spiraling prices, which can happen during shortages.

Support the Environment and Sustainable Energy

Being environmentally friendly and supporting the environment is another major reason why people arrange for solar installation. If you can produce much of your own electricity from available solar energy, you reduce your need for fossil fuels. That, in turn, reduces the pollution that can form when electricity is produced in a power plant that runs on fossil fuels. Having solar also shows your commitment to promoting sustainable energy sources.

Improve Your Business’ Reputation

If the solar panels are for a commercial building, they could help improve your business’ reputation. Customers and employees alike would see you trying to improve the environment and be responsible.

If you want the freedom that solar power brings, Freedom Solar Power can help you choose a solar system and install it for you. Enjoy knowing that your power supply is steady and sustainable.

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