All you need to know about lighting up a small apartment!

Just because you live in a small apartment doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on either style or functionality. There’s no denying that apartment designing does come with a few challenges, especially with regards to lighting. Most apartments don’t get enough natural lighting, and there can be practical problems while installing or choosing lighting solutions. Thankfully, there are many ideas and products that can be aptly used for small spaces, and in this post, we are going on focus on lighting solutions for the apartment.

Go for suspended lighting

Lighting fixtures that hug the ceiling or suspended lights are a great way to increase the oomph quotient of any room. Brands like Le Studio Luminaires have come up with really unique styles in pendant lights and suspended lighting solutions that can make smaller spaces look more posh and appealing. Pendant lights are great for focus lighting, while you can also use similar lights in a cluster to create a structural element in the room.

Include task lighting

Every apartment has a few functional spaces that need extra illumination. For example, if you have a desk for work, placing a few lights below the cabinet can help in avoiding the need for a table lamp, especially when the table is too small. Similarly, you will find such spaces in the kitchen and other parts of the house. Task lighting can be achieved using simple light structures, while you can also consider going for recession lights for some areas.

Add dimmers

There are many ways to use dimmers in the living room and other areas of the house. When you don’t want to use a lot of things for your apartment, dimmers help in getting mood illumination instantly. Check for setups that allow you to control the light in at least three variations. Switches are also available these days for the same purpose and can be cheaper than ready lighting solutions.

Use the wall

Wall lighting fixtures are a great way to add both task lighting and mood illumination. You will find a bunch of designs to choose from and installing these is an easy process. Instead of the bedside lamps, add a wall lamp close to the bed, so that you have more free space. If you add a mirror close to the light or in a way that the lighting getting better, you can actually add more of visual space.

Play with structures

Structural lights are getting better by the day. Trending lighting solutions often play with the geometry of shapes, and it is also easy to get a complete synchronized look for the entire apartment when you choose lights from a series. Many brands have come up with exclusive solutions that are not only functional for the space intended, but also helping in bringing harmony to the interior theme.

Get help

Apartments must be designed with care, and sometimes, it is just better to consult an interior designer for your needs. You just need to know how the limited space can be used for better functionality, and in case of lighting, you can focus on both natural and artificial lighting, depending on the requirements. Designers also often have amazing tips and suggestions on utilizing natural lights and using structures that can help in maximizing effect.

Check online now to shop for apartment lighting solutions.

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