How to choose the right air compressor size for your projects

All air compressors perform the same task. The task of taking air from the surrounding into a confined space in the form of a cylinder, until the air in the cylinder attains a certain high pressure.

However, they come in different sizes. Air compressor sizes are measured in gallons, and they range from as small as 2 gallons to as large as 80 gallons, for reciprocating compressors which are the most commonly used air compressors.

The larger the tank size of a particular air compressor, the more air it can hold and produce when needed. This is commonly known as the CFM of the air compressor.

It shows how much volume of air an air compressor can produce per minute. So, the more tank size it has in gallons, the greater the CFM will be.

Though other factors also affect the CFM apart from the size of the air tank, the tank size is a major factor.

Now, to buy an air compressor, you don’t just go out there and buy the largest one you can find. Here is the first thing you need to do.

Know your project and the tools you need to complete it

Know all about the project you’re trying to carry out will give you an idea of the tools you need. Not every project needs air tools for it to be carried out.

On the other hand, if your project require the use of air tools. Then you need to make a list of all the air tools you need for that project, and determine how many of these air tools you’ll be using at ones.

Are you going to be working by yourself or with a friend? If you’ll be working by yourself, then you’ll be using one air tool at a time. If you’ll be working with a buddy, then both of you will be using two of the air tools.

Calculate the total CFM

If you’ve already taken the first step to determine what air tools you are going to be using, and how many you’ll be using at a time. Then the next step is pretty simple.

If you’ll be using one air tool by yourself, then all you need to do is check the CFM of that air tool, and buy a compressor with enough tank size that can produce that CFM.

If your buddy will be working with you, and both of you will be using the air compressor at the same time to operate two air tools, then you need to calculate the total CFM of both tools and make sure you buy an air compressor that has a CFM greater than the number you arrived at.

When you do all this, then you’ll be able to buy the right size of air compressor for whatever project you want to engage in.

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