Why Use a Deck Builder in Overland Park vs. DIY | A Homeowner’s Guide

Why call a deck builder in Overland Park, KS, when there are deck kits and pre-cut materials available for purchase at so many hardware stores? If you’re a homeowner asking this same question, you might note that there are many good reasons to avoid DIY deck installation!

To ensure you’re happy with your new deck for years to come, check out some reasons you might avoid putting it together and installing it yourself. It’s also helpful to check out a few tips from Overland Park Deck contractors (overlandparkdeckbuilders.com) for choosing the best deck materials for your project.

Why Hire a Pro Deck Builder in Overland Park?

There are lots of reasons to hire a pro for an Overland Park decking project! Check out just a few of those reasons here before you make any decision for your new deck:

  •       A deck builder can explain the pros and cons of various decking materials, including soft woods, hardwoods, exotic woods, metal, and even plastic. This can ensure you’re happy with your chosen material for as long as you own your home!
  •       Some deck builders use 3D programs or architectural drawings that give you a better idea of how your proposed deck project will fit your property. You can then make changes to its size, shape, how it works around obstructions, and other features before construction ever begins.
  •       Some lumber is very dense and difficult to cut and fabricate. Professional deck builders have the tools and knowhow needed for cutting, trimming, sanding, and other work required to ensure your new deck fits your space.
  •       Professional deck builders can typically pull all the permits needed for your project, ensuring you don’t face fines from your city or county.
  •       Deck slats need room for air circulation, to keep the wood dry and reduce the risk of rot and mold. A builder will know how far apart to set slats and how far off the ground a deck should be positioned, to ensure proper airflow.
  •       Local building codes might also dictate if a deck needs a railing around it, a railing for its stairs, specific connection to the home, and the like. Using a professional deck builder will ensure the job is done to local codes, and that you’ll enjoy a safe deck.

Remember that professional deck builders can also tell their clients how to best care for a deck, depending on its material, sunlight exposure, everyday use, and other such factors. Their advice will help you keep your deck in tiptop shape for as long as you own your home!

What Is the Best Material for an Overland Park Deck Project?

While a deck builder in Overland Park can offer suggestions on the right deck material for your project, consider some pros and cons of popular options. This can make your choice much easier and ensure you’re happy with its appearance, durability, and other such factors for many years to come.

  •       Pressure treated lumber is treated with various chemicals that help the wood resist rot, fungi, insects, and even mold. Pressure treated lumber is probably the most common decking material, but it’s vital you don’t sand or burn it, to avoid releasing those chemicals into the air.
  •       Cedar contains what are called tannins, which make the wood naturally resistant to rot, insect infestation, and water damage. Cedar also offers a stunning natural look that homeowners love, although it does age into a silverish gray color over the years.
  •       PVC decking is valued for its durability no matter the outside weather conditions. PVC is also very easy to clean and can stay cool underfoot. However, this material also offers an artificial look and feel that some homeowners might not appreciate.
  •       Composite decking is typically made with a mixture of wood chips, plastic bits, and other materials that keep them stuck together! Composite is very eco-friendly as it uses materials that might otherwise end up in landfills, and is durable and easy to clean. As with PVC decking, however, composite decking might look and feel somewhat artificial.
  •       Metal decking is durable and doesn’t easily show footprints, scratches, or other damage. Metal decking is also easy to clean and isn’t likely to rot or suffer insect infestation. Since metal holds heat, it’s not always the best choice for tropical areas or properties with lots of sun exposure.
  •       Exotic hardwoods are very dense, making them tough and durable and resistant to rot and insect infestation. Materials like bamboo also offer a stunning natural appearance. The downside of hardwoods is that they’re difficult to cut and fabricate, especially with everyday household tools.

To choose the right decking material for your property, opt for something with a natural appearance you appreciate as this will reduce the number of times you would need to refinish the deck. Consider needed durability as well; if you have children or large pets, or if the deck will be exposed to harsh weather, invest in the most durable material you can afford!

Avoid These Mistakes With Your New Overland Park KS Deck Installation!

Whether you work with a deck builder or opt for a DIY project, note some common mistakes to avoid. The first is to build either an oversized or undersized deck for your property. An oversized deck makes a yard seem cramped, while a small deck won’t offer space for seating, a grill, and other such features.

Also, don’t choose a deck material based on price alone. An overly cheap wood might need more repairs over the years, suffering splits, cracks, and other such damage. A costlier material might withstand such damage, making it more cost-effective in the long run.

It’s also vital that you don’t make the mistake of choosing a deck material that might clash with your property’s exterior! Consider the look and color of exterior walls, fencing, walkway materials, and other such surfaces outside your home. Choose decking that will complement those materials and colors, so your property looks cohesive and coordinated.

Remember that a deck builder in Overland Park KS can also help you choose a material that will match your property’s exterior and offer the durability you need. Don’t hesitate to ask them for advice on a deck style, size, material, color, and so on, as this can ensure you’re happy with that new deck for years to come!



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