Maximizing Safety on the Water

Spending time on the water is a great way to get the whole family together. Boating and canoeing are perfect excuses to get outside and spend some time in nature. No matter the reason for being on the water, safety will always be a priority. 

Regular Maintenance Is a Must 

One of the best ways to ensure safety while boating, whether in a motorboat or a canoe, is by taking care of regular maintenance. When the craft is cared for routinely, the risk of preventable damage will be lessened greatly. Issues such as rust, barnacles, and propellor damage can all be avoided with preventative maintenance. Unfortunately, no amount of upkeep can prevent accidents; things will break, parts will decay, and the boat will need repair. Many outdoor stores will carry replacement parts for boats in a variety of makes and models. By keeping up with standard maintenance and repairs, the boat will be safer before it even touches water. 

Protective Gear Makes a Difference

Life jackets are one of the most common forms of protective measures on boats, but the safety doesn’t stop there. Boats of all types need to have flotation devices, both wearable and deployable. Safety measures like flotation devices might sit and collect dust, but everyone will be glad to have them when they’re needed. When it comes to safety, it’s important to be thorough. Boats should also have both audio and visual signals. These can alert other boats as well as swimmers in the event of an emergency. A well-stocked boat safety kit could make the difference between a fun outing and a serious problem. 

Physical Health Plays a Part

The physical health of everyone on board a boat plays a huge part in safety. Before going on a boating trip, it is important to be sure that everyone going is healthy. The wind and moisture on lakes and oceans can worsen some health conditions, and long boat trips can be breeding grounds for illnesses such as the flu. A good mental state is also important on a boat. As much fun as it may be in the moment to bring out the drinks, if someone is under the influence, their ability to balance and manage their safety will be greatly lessened. They could fall over the side, hurt themselves in the boat, or become badly seasick. Keeping healthy on and off the water makes a difference to the safety of everyone on board. 

Overall, it isn’t that difficult to stay safe while out boating. With a little time and effort, every trip out can be a safe and enjoyable one for everyone involved! 

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