Why is Calgary so Awesome to Stay?

Everyone knows that Canadians are nicest and they love to live peacefully. There are many reasons to choose Calgary as the place for your new house. You will love to shift to Calgary and stay there. You can go for homes for sale in Beltline Calgary and chose a nice home and shift to Calgary. Here are the few reasons you should shift to Calgary:


The economy of Calgary is becoming diversified, and it is increasing each day. The city’s workforce is spread across the industries in a wide range. The energy sector is leading the economy of Calgary, but at the same time, there’s an increasingly balanced and broad range of sectors as well as jobs getting added to the prosperity of the city. The professional services, manufacturing, transportation, technical, construction, technical sectors that once came to Calgary for supporting its oil and gas companies are now all valuable industries. It’s becoming an interesting place to work in Calgary nowadays.

Age Group

Calgary is a young cit. The median age of youth is 36.8, as per 2017 statistics. Calgary has the youngest population compared to other cities in Canada. The population of the youngest population is 70.2 percent and are aged between 15 to 64 years. So, most of the population is young working-class population.


In 2011, the racial and ethnic group of Calgary was:

  • White: 67.3%
  • Visible minority group: 30.1%
  • Native populace: 2.7%
  • South Asian: 7.5%
  • Chinese: 6.8%
  • Filipino: 4.4%
  • Black: 2.9%
  • Southeast Asian: 1.9%
  • Latin American: 1.8%
  • Arab: 1.5%
  • West Asian: 0.8%
  • Korean: 0.8%
  • Japanese: 0.5%
  • Different Visible minorities: 0.8%

As far as religion, about 55% of the populace is Christian, trailed by 32% with no religion, Islam (5.2%), Sikh (2.6%), Buddhist (2.1%), Hindu (1.6%), and Jewish (0.6%).

As per language, English is used by 70% people, 25% uses their native tongue, and 1% French.

Cost of Living

This blasting city has a lot of riches. However, living expenses are lower than in its beachfront neighbor Vancouver.

This is expected to some extent to Alberta having no business charge and a lower cost of gas and flammable gas. The average cost for basic items in Calgary in Canada is high in respect to little towns around Alberta, yet very sensible contrasted and most Canadian urban areas.

The city’s recuperation from its latest financial subsidence has kept house costs and lease at focused dimensions, which is extraordinary news for Calgary beginners. There is a decent supply of investment properties, the majority of which are just accessible empty. Leasing a standard one-bed condo will set you back around $1,000 every month, while two-bed renditions cost around $300-400 more.

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