5 Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas You Should Definitely Consider

Never settle for less than desirable modest designs just because you have a tiny bathroom. When you have a look at the sample stylish real life bathroom models, you will most definitely rethink the way small bathrooms seem look and function. Ranging from the sleek hotel inspirations to a resort spa like ambiance, make the best of the small space footage with these Cartier Renovation’s bathroom renovation ideas.

  • Create a boutique hotel inspired bathroom.

Try to blur the corners between the bathroom and the adjacent connecting bathroom by removing the walls between them. Installing glass panels will help in keeping the water out but the light and expanse of the space intact. As a matter of fact, it creates a bold and radical style of a boutique hotel inspired bathroom.

  • Double sinks

Integrate a double dose of luxury to your space with two sinks: for his and her. Create some space by pushing the void out of the bathroom and into your bedroom instead. When you have two sinks, no fights about sharing the space particularly during the hectic mornings.

  • Drapes and doors

This bedroom-bathroom setting picks the open concept layout to entirely a new level by implementing the concept of going wall free. Add flowing and organza drapes to replace the doors if you want to create a spa like appeal which is relaxing. The bathroom is also combined with the walk in closet for a seamless and a space enhancing effect.

  • White done right

White is the best color to create an illusion of a large space available, but this color also seems cold and less welcoming. This all white bathroom is too far to throw in the textures with. You can use the sophisticated décor items like wall moldings on the cabinetry and try adding subway tiles to create a glorious dimension to the complete space.

  • Tactile tiles

If you are wanting your bathroom to be done in a tasteful way, match the wall tiles with a careful consideration as it will become the base of the winning style. The wall backdrop will seem like an artful work loaded with rich gradient of textures popping out. When you have a luxury item like a bathtub, it tends to lift the overall aesthetics, but when you have a small bathroom, go for a soak tub because of the space limitations.

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