Which type of sliding window is best?

As with window options, the sliding windows give a practical and class solution. Talk of the smooth operation, then you realize how they also have space-saving designs. Whether it’s your residential or commercial building, sliding windows are a go. Read to know the types of sliding windows and which one is the best.

Traditional sliding windows

The trad sliding or the sling slider is the commonest type found in offices. It has two sages where one is fixed, and they glide horizontally along the track.


  • Tight seal for reduced air leakage and better insulation
  • Single-moving sash for easy maintenance
  • Double-Hung Sliding Windows

The double hang sliding window has two movable sashes allowing for opening bot at the top and bottom sash. This makes them good at promoting airflow.


  • Better ventilation as both sashes are movable
  • Easy to maintain due to tilt in sashes
  • Versatile since it features different grid patterns.

Horizontal Sliding Windows

Horizontal or gliding sliding windows have sashes that move horizontally along the track. These windows are best for modern and minimalistic architectural designs.


  • Streamlined designs to match modern architecture
  • Easy operation along the horizontal track
  • Optimizes space by limiting protruding sashes

Sliding French Windows

Sliding French windows are a hybrid of French trad windows and the practicality of sliding mechanism. Multiple panels slide horizontally to offer a classic charm and functional design.


  • Classically aesthetic with French trad windows attribute
  • It has a larger opening due to the multiple glass panels
  • Guarantees wider view and airflow
  • They are quite easy to maintain thanks to the movable panels

So, there is no clear answer on which sliding window is the best. However, there are factors to base on which will help you identify the best sliding window. These are,

Low E glass sliding window

This feature in sliding windows means the glass is energy friendly. Normally, the sliding window glass is coated by a transparent metal layer which reflects heat away and only allows natural light to pass through. Sliding windows with low E glass will protect your furniture from the UV effect and save you energy. Also, ensure you get one with a lower U-factor.

Impact-resistant sliding windows

These sliding windows are fit for regions where the weather conditions are tough. They are made of laminated glass reinforced to stand against weather elements and flying objects. Besides, they guarantee security.

Another thing to consider when selecting a sliding glass window

  • Design and aesthetics – this should match your home and preferences
  • Maintenance- you should pick a sliding window that will be easy to maintain.
  • Soundproofing – check if they have double or triple glazing and seals that will filter off external noises.

What’s the best frame material for sliding windows?

The aluminum frame is considered the best since it offers durability, strength, and aesthetics. Since they are lightweight, they can support large panes and offer wider views. Yes, they have to be thermally broken to guarantee energy efficiency.

Wrap up

Yes, there is the best sliding window, but it will require keen analysis. Functionality, efficiency and aesthetics, and resilience may dictate your choice. You may have the specific consideration in mind but still need to get it from the marker. That is where JMA Aluminium comes in. You can work with this manufacturer to create a customized solution for sliding windows that fits your needs.

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